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sr1Awesome, Awesome, Awesome Game!!! There’s no other way to describe it. From the very beginning it has you wondering what is going on in the story line and just wait till you see what you can do.sr7When you go to choose a character, you can choose what gender you want. Yea not so fantastic, but it doesn’t stop there. You can choose how sexy you are, what type of body you want, how muscular or lean, and no it doesn’t stop there either. You can choose your eye color, eye type and spacing; you can choose your own nose and nose type, mouth and width and head type and thickness and more. choose your skin color from normal to not so normal. you can choose what type of voice you want and what type of attitude you want your character to have. In my opinion, this game gives you more options to critique your character than any game in existence.

sr8So, let’s take a look at the story line:

You start out as the president. You have the world at your fingertips; when along comes a spider. Not a real spider, that’s a metaphor. Actually, we are invaded by Aliens from outer-space and they have some crazy powers that you have to combat.


I’m not going to spoil the whole game for you by telling you everything. What I will tell you is you need to step up to the plate and produce some pretty amazing feats in order to stand a chance against them. To do this, you will be acquiring some awesome powers of your own.

sr4And does anyone out there want to try out some new weapons? Yea, me too. Well here are some of the awesome weapons in store for you:

sr5And there’s this one:

sr6And you’re gonna love this one:

sr2As you can see, Deep Silver has gone way outside the box on this one. Yes you have a storyline that keeps you focused on what to accomplish, but you can do anything you want to do as well. Oh, and don’t forget the Aliens. Don’t worry, they won’t leave you alone long enough to forget them.

This game by Deep Silver is a very fun game to play. It throws things at you that are different just often enough that you never get bored playing it. I really enjoyed it and I think that anyone who enjoys playing games would really want to play it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Get your copy of Saint Row 4 today!

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