Recovering from a Disaster


Recovering from a disaster is generally a gradual process. Safety is a critical issue, just like the mental and physical well-being of a person. If any professional assistance is available, one should be aware of it, to make recovery faster and less successful.

This article offers some general advice on steps to take after disaster strikes in order to begin getting your home, your community, and your life back to normal. Your primary concern after a disaster should be your family’s health and safety. There are multiple disaster management professionals available in Warren, MI; you can contact them to get assistance during critical situations.

Few steps that you must take post-disaster:

Ensure safety and seek medical attention

First of all, check for injuries, assist children in finding their injuries. Do not try to forcefully push or pull any injured person unless it is indispensable, as it may lead to further damages. Take care of unconscious people and contact hospital authorities for help.

Returning back home

Always stay alert as you may encounter any loose power lines, gas leaks, and damaged structures. Do not step inside your home if flood water or any foul smell is present. Get your home thoroughly inspected by any professional to check for power connection, plumbing failures, structural damages, etc. Do not rush inside a damaged property immediately.

Disaster assistance

After a disaster, a person needs help to save his property from further getting damaged and to reverse the damages caused, if possible. If any professional disaster management agencies are there in the city, we will quickly approach them, do not wait for the situation to go out of the hand. Apart from receiving help from friends, the family,  and the community, the efforts of voluntary agencies and government play a key role in quick recovery from a disaster. We can always register ourselves with government agencies like the Red Cross and the Salvation Army to receive assistance like clothing, household items, medical expenses, food, shelter, house clean-up, house repairs, and house rebuilding during or after any disaster. When large scales disaster occurs, the federal government is also approached for help, they provide temporary houses, disaster relief grants, low interest or interest-free loans, counselling to reduce post-disaster trauma. You can make a note that financial assistance provided after a disaster does not replace insurance or serves as compensation for financial losses incurred.

Specific points that you must keep in your mind following a disaster:

  • Always carry a battery-powered radio so that you can get the latest news reports and emergency updates.
  • Wear sturdy boots and gloves, and wash your hands with clear and soap thoroughly if you have worked with debris.
  • Be alert when you are opening cabinets and closets as the objects may fall.
  • Watch out for animals, especially poisonous snakes you may encounter while moving the debris.
  • Do not wander about the streets even if you must go out, watch for downed electrical wires, fallen objects, and weakened walls, roads, bridges, and sidewalks.
  • Use the cellular phone only to report life-threatening emergencies.
  • Do not delay in contacting the disaster recovery professionals, as any delay can worsen the situation.

Warren MI is very prone to earthquakes, volcano, and tornado. The consequences of these disasters are grave and often leave people in trauma, or homeless. If professional help is taken on time, then the property may be rescued from getting entirely damaged. Always keep the contact details of a disaster recovery professional handy with you, so that they can help in making your insurance claims and save you for irrecoverable losses.

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