Enjoy A Little You Time: Essentials For Some Well Earned Rest and Recuperation


Being a mother is a tough job. As soon as you become pregnant, you are responsible for another being’s health, happiness and well being forevermore. Believe us, it isn’t easy. From sleepless nights with your newborn to weaning, potty training, choosing schools, projects, trips, homework… the list goes on and on. It isn’t surprising that us mothers get a little exhausted from time to time. While you do have to keep a constant eye on your little ones, it’s also important that you look out for yourself too! This will help you get through the days without snapping and also makes sure that you don’t overwork yourself. It’s about time that you enjoy a little you time. This doesn’t necessarily mean disappearing on a world cruise. There are plenty of little things that you can do to give yourself a little rest, relaxation and recuperation. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

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Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is your space. The one part of your family home that isn’t dedicated to the little ones. So make sure that it stays that way. Of course, it’s lovely to have the kids in your bed when there’s a thunderstorm and they’re a little scared, or on a Sunday morning when you don’t have to worry about the school run and can have a well deserved lie in. But don’t let this become too much of a habit. Ensure that everyone knows that your bedroom is your space and is out of bounds without permission. This will prevent you from stepping on Lego bricks on the way to bed and your prized makeup being used as paint for the walls while your wardrobe is ransacked for fancy dress purposes. Your room will become a tranquil haven that you can retire to once your children are tucked up in their beds and snoozing peacefully. So, how do you go about creating this tranquil space once it’s been designated a strict grown-ups only zone?


Any home with kids is bound to end up cluttered. It’s inevitable. There will be toys, books, art and craft supplies and just about anything else you can imagine strewed about the floors. Make sure that your room is entirely clutter free. This will make the space seem larger and less chaotic. Invest in multi purpose storage solutions so that everything has its own space. This could include discreet options like under bed storage or cleverly designed wardrobe space.

Your Bed

Eight hours sleep a night is essential for a healthy and happy lifestyle. During your sleep, your body can repair itself and prepare itself for the next day. When you have children, you’ll need all of the preparation you can get, both physically and mentally. So make sure that your bed is as comfortable as possible. Remember to replace the mattress at least once every eight years. You should opt for a mattress that has the exact level of support that you need. If you’re prone to back problems, opt for a firmer mattress. If you prefer to sink into your bed like it’s a cloud, go for a softer option. Top this off with some luxurious bedding. Check out these reviews of bed sheets to find the perfect style, pattern, color, thread count and fabric for you.


Lighting can make all the difference to the atmosphere of a space. Think of how different restaurants use lighting to set the mood in the evenings: dim, soft, yellow toned lights make things feel more relaxed, laid back and comfortable. Use this logic in your bedroom. While you want the space to have as much natural light as possible in the day (this will help to keep the space feeling fresh and airy), you will want softer, more romantic lighting in the evenings. Use low watt bulbs. There are plenty of vintage style designs available nowadays which will give a soft glow. This will give you enough light to see what you’re doing but not too much to make things look harsh, sterile and artificial.

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Your Bathroom

Everyone loves a long soak in the bath. So make sure your bathroom is ready for this whenever the feeling might take you. Make sure that you clean everything down thoroughly after the kids have finished splashing in the tub. Then have plenty of candles at hand (out of the reach of the kids, mind you) and luxurious bubble bath products. Check out the beautiful range from Lush. Organic, cruelty free products will leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and squeaky clean.

Your Dining Room

It’s tempting for families eat from their lap in front of the TV. This can be a great bonding experience. But ensure that you have a more formal space designated for eating. This will come in great for occasions such as birthdays and Christmas. However, it can also be put to good use in entertaining your friends and family. So send the kids for a fun sleepover at a family member’s house and invite your friends around for a little dinner party. You can have real conversation and a proper catch up over dinner. Make sure that you can dim the lighting in the room to create the perfect atmosphere. Have wine glasses at hand for drinks and a decanter with fresh water. Prep your food earlier in the day so everything is ready to put in the oven and stress is minimized during the meal.

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Your Garden

Summer is here and you will be getting more and more use out of your backyard. There are bound to be the usual bits and bobs that kids love in the summer: paddling pools, bicycles, water guns and sandpits. But you should designate a section for adults. This can just be a little section with somewhere to sit down where you can kick back and relax while supervising the little ones. Make it comfortable! Get some high quality seating, an umbrella for shade and a table where you can have an ice cold jug of water or juice. Perfect!

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