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“Quilted Koala is the best,” according to Sarah, my 18 year old daughter.  She received a Quilted Koala bag a few weeks ago, and loves it.  She uses it to go everywhere.  It’s a nice, big size on the inside.  Sarah really adores her bag.  I can’t get over how spacious it is.  I wish I would’ve gotten one for myself.  But, that’s ok, she’ll be needing it more than me.

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Heading off to College, in the Fall, Sarah can not only use this as a book bag, but an overnight bag, when she comes home.  But before she heads to College, this Fall, she will be using it for the Beach.  What a wonderful place to go with such a beautiful bag.  Josh, her boyfriend, and she will have lots of fun at the beach, and not have to worry about losing their goods.  They will all fit in this spacious bag, without a problem.

The prices at Quilted Koala are amazing.  I mean I can’t say enough, how spacious this bag is, and at such a great price.  You really have to check Quilted Koala out, at the site below.

Quilted Koala has 5 Collections to choose from, with lots of styles in each Collection.  It’s really a great shop.  I don’t know what we did before Quilted Koala.  I will be owning a bag soon.


About Quilted Koala

There once was a boy whose grandma brought back treasures from all over the world. On one special trip, she brought him a koala bear. This little boy became completely attached to his bear, who he named Sugar Stuff.

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