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My daughter, Sarah, recently graduated from High School, so to start her off the right way for College, we gave her a Vanilla Visa Gift Card.  It was the best gift ever.  She said she will start by buying her College Curriculum Books.  If there’s any money left, she will save it for lunch, at College.  She makes us so proud, graduating only 62nd, in her class of 267.  She is going to Waynesburg University, in Pennsylvania, to be an English Teacher. 


The Vanilla Visa Gift Card will help her so much, and was a great gift, if you ask me.  This is a way for her to start to manage money on a card.  Visa has always been my first choice, but now, with Vanilla, it’s definitely my top choice.  I love Vanilla. 

I also got my husband one for our Anniversary.  He is able to carry it, without worrying about misplacing, because there is no bank account attached.  He also loves Vanilla.


Vanilla Gift Cards are the perfect gift to send high school grads off to school with. Vanilla Gift Cards are not only safer than carrying cash but they protect against fraud and identity theft in that they are not connected to a bank account. If the card is lost or stolen, simply call and report the issue and a replacement will be sent with the amount that remained on it at the time it was lost.

For most freshmen, college is a bit of a reality check. They are no longer the big guys on campus, they are but mere little fish in a vast pond. Although it is nearly impossible to hold their hands while they take the next step into adulthood, you can send them off with a few pointers. Do your homework as it is assigned, make friends with your RA, don’t eat the nightly special at the cafeteria, and learn to budget your money, after all, lunch money handouts no longer exist.

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