Protect your Household Plumbing and Pipes with United Septic Protection and Plumbing Club


Having a broken water pipe or a leaking toilet is seriously no joke. If it happens when you are home, it can cause quite a mess…so think about what can happen if something like this happens when you aren’t at home to be alerted? With the cold weather just around the corner, freezing and busted pipes are a serious concern! The good news? You can protect your household plumbing and pipes with United Septic Protection and Plumbing Club!

How can the United Septic Protection and Plumbing Club help you?

  • For only .52 cents per day, you can rest easy knowing that your peace of mind is covered. 

Enrolling in the United Septic Protection and Plumbing Club is great for your peace of mind. Not only are any future accidents or events dealing with your pipes and plumbing covered, but you will NEVER have to pay anything out of pocket for labor or parts, either. No matter what the plumbing or pipe issue, you are covered. 

  • United Septic Protection and Plumbing Club work seamlessly without EVERY licensed plumber.

Don’t waste your time scouring the phone book to try to find a plumber! EVERY license plumber in your area will work with this plumbing club protection plan! 

  • Call and file a claim as many times as you want; there is no limit!

Sometimes, life happens, and when it deals with your plumbing or pipes you can rest easy knowing that each and every claim can be filed with ease. There are no limits to the number of times that your pipes of plumbing can be repaired!

So, what are you waiting for? Imagine waking up every day knowing that your home’s pipes and plumbing are covered, without a worry. Imagine waking up every day being reassured that you’ll never have to pay for parts or labor costs again if something does happen to go wrong with your plumbing or pipes…and then take those thoughts, and turn them into a reality by enrolling in the United Septic Protection and Plumbing Club! 

Interested, but still on the fence? Let us change your mind! Fill out the form HERE for your first month FREE. Let our service and customer service do the talking! 

Don’t delay! Act quickly before that cold weather settles in for the winter! 


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Tara Pittman

We had a pipe burst and found out that the insulation was on the wrong side. I have learned to let the water drip on nights when it goes below 20. If a pipe does freeze keep the faucet open so when it thaws it can flow out and not burst like ours did.


I live in northern Minnesota so pipes freezing and bursting are a real problem! Luckily, my husband is a handyman and knows a thing or two about plumbing!

Sarah Bailey

We have on of our pipes freeze last year – my other half had to try and sort it out as I almost managed to over flow the sink woops! I definitely need to try and take precautions this year.

Reika Misaki

We haven’t had pipe problems before but this post is very useful! Will definitely recommend this to anyone. Thank you!

Dalene Ekirapa

This reminds me of the time the pipe in our sink burst open and water was always seeping through, it was hectic. I’m glad we has it repaired but having something to protect it like this would be so welcome.

Becca Wilson
Becca Wilson

Frozen pipes have definitely always been a worry of mine. These are some really great tips and reminders of what to do to avoid ever getting them.


Really nice inputs. Finally someone came up with solution to this problem. Come December, Delhi will be freezing.

Angela Cardamone

These are all such great tips! We had our pipe start to freeze once in a room above the garage, fortunately we were able to rewarm them without any damage!!


Yes freezing pipes are big problem during winter. We try to cover the outer pipes as much as possible.


Knowing our plumbing needs is definitely essential. Minor problem could turn into nightmare including frozen pipes. Thanks for reminding


A pipe bursting in the winter because of freezing temperatures, or at all, would be so awful! This is a great idea to have just in case. I personally would always rather be safe than sorry. I’ll have to look into it, thanks for sharing!