4 Things You Should Know About Prohormones


Prohormones (also known as oral steroids) are an alternative for steroids which are often considered safer than ordinary steroids. They are also legal or illegal depending on your country. Moreover, they are cheap in the sense that with $30-35, you can easily get a monthly cycle which is way cheap compared to other means to body build. However, they have hidden costs. The following are some of the effects.

  1. You can have one or two beers

For all alcohol lovers, you should know that while on prohormones, you can have a beer or two occasionally. Steroids, on the other hand, are usually not bad for your liver unless you are talking alcohol in which case they are HORRIBLE. Oral Steroids, however, are non-methylated in the mind and muscle and therefore, you can drink while on them once or twice during the cycle.

  1. You can expect health issues

Since they are orally ingested, they are processed by the liver and they are hepatoxic, meaning that they can damage the liver. They also have other medical side effects like causing high blood pressure, causing headaches, raise cholesterol levels among many others. You should know that they affect every individual differently. Some have more adverse effects than others but even when the effects appear to be mild, they are always there.

  1. You need cycle support supplements

Due to the above effects, you should know that all, and I mean all users need cycle support supplements for the following reasons. Cycle support supplements help cope with some side effects like high cholesterol, fight with high blood pressure and most importantly, help protect the liver. Cycle support supplements like mentioned earlier can be used by everyone regardless of age.

  1. You also need PCT

After the cycle, users also need post cycle therapy (PCT), which allows the body to return to its normal levels. It is naïve to think that after a cycle, the body carries on like before you took a hormonal product. Here, most users especially the inexperienced trainees often think that the gains made while on a hormonal product were down to them. That is simply delusional. After a cycle is ended or discontinued, the exogenous substance leaves the body rapidly, usually in a time of between 24-48 hours.

At this point, your testosterone levels are very low which in turn leads to a rise in estrogens levels. Simply, your body is in no condition for muscle building or strength. Instead, you are more likely to lose weight, gain fat or even develop actual breasts even if you keep working out on a star trac elliptical! It is safe to say that if no measures are taken after a cycle, you can lose muscle and strength very quickly which was the goal in the first place. It is therefore wise to undergo post cycle therapy.

Contrary to common belief that oral steroids are inexpensive, the process to successfully gain results and avoid health complications is much more expensive. They might be cheap but they need cycle supplements and post cycle therapy drugs which add to the expenses and make the process quite expensive.










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