The Pros and Cons to Free Health Testing


It is common to find free health testing for various tests. But these mostly include tests for STD/STI, infertility, paternity identification, and certain forms of cancer. Nevertheless, health testing is important especially if you are sexually active or have multiple partners. Getting yourself tested is the right thing to do if you think that you may be at risk of spreading an infection to others or if you think you may have been infected.

Free health testing is offered for the early detection of various diseases and infections. By being able to detect something early, even in the absence of symptoms, early treatment can also be provided. And with early treatment, further health complications can be prevented. Availing of free health testing allows you to check yourself and will benefit both you and your partner.

Here are some pros and cons of free health testing.

Pros. Free health testing lets you find out as soon as possible if you have a disease or infection. This way, you can be treated earlier and have an improved quality of life. If you have had unprotected sex then you have a great risk of contracting an infection. Getting yourself tested will help clear all your doubts and give you peace of mind.

Early detection can help provide you with the appropriate treatment. Early treatment prolongs the lives of those who have contracted the disease or infection. This also lowers their chances of passing the disease or infection on to others. Having the right treatment will help prevent the disease or infection to cause further complications or to develop into something more harmful.

If you’re hesitant to get tested because of embarrassment, especially when testing for STD/STI, then you’ll be glad to know that anonymous test methods are available for STD/STI. You can purchase testing kits online and then receive the results after a few days. The testing is easy and discreet and you don’t have to personally see a doctor. All you have to do is provide your samples and get the results sent to you through mail, text or phone call.

Cons. Because it’s free, it means a lot of people would want to avail of such testing. This means you have to endure longer wait times not only at the clinic but also for the results. Free health testing at a clinic also means having to be there personally to provide samples such as your blood, urine, and swabs. And although there is a doctor available, discussing your concerns personally, especially if it involves STD/STI, might make you feel uncomfortable.

If you do want to be anonymous, then you could go for online testing. However, this option has a greater chance for errors on your part, particularly during sample collection. You might not be able to correctly get a sample that could mislead your results.  

Free health testing is offered to help you and to help improve your quality of life. One’s health is important that is why if you feel that you are at risk, have yourself checked. It is always better to be safe and to detect something early on so that the proper treatment can be provided.


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