Hairfinity vs Viviscal – Which is The Best Hair Growth Product


For many of us gals, we unfortunately experience hair loss for so many different reasons that it’s hard to keep track of them all. For some of us, it’s a hereditary condition. We often experience this hereditary condition once we start aging, going through menopause, experiencing hormonal changes, or we just happen to have too much stress from dealing with our kids and other problems in our day-to-day lives.

At other times, we ladies have a tendency to use products or make styling choices that can easily damage our hair. When this happens, and we create serious damage, hair loss is all but inevitable. It’s a great feeling when finding options of hair removal for all skin tones that won’t so easily damage us.

Fortunately there is something that we can do about this product. We can take hair growth supplements like Hairfinity and Viviscal. These supplements are known to promote hair growth for many women just like us, and they contain some of the best, most potent ingredients like biotin, vitamin D, vitamin C, and so much more.

Viviscal and Hairfinity are both made of their own specific proprietary blend. We will now take a look at the pros and cons of each hair growth product. Once women know more about these products, they can then determine which one will work best to meet their specific needs.

Viviscal Pros

If any of the gals reading this think that they’d like to give Viviscal a try, here are some of the things that we really like about this hair growth formula:

  • Separate product lines – one of my favorite things about Viviscal is the fact that they separate their product lines. They have formulas specifically designed for professionals, man, and women just like me. Men and women have different genetic makeups, so it makes sense to have formulas specifically designed for each of us.
  • Holistic products – their product line is created holistically and they utilize all of the best natural ingredients for hair growth. There products consist of supplements, hair fillers, conditioners, and shampoo.
  • Extensive testing – numerous studies have been performed to determine the effectiveness of this product line. This testing proves that the Viviscal formula actually works for hair regrowth.

Viviscal Cons

It’s impossible to love everything about a certain product line. Here are the Viviscal cons in no specific order:

  • It’s expensive – when compared to Hairfinity, this is definitely the more costly option.
  • Twice a day – to achieve the best benefits from this hair supplement, it needs to be taken twice per day.
  • Vegans beware – this product contains shellfish and fish.

Hairfinity Pros

We really like the following about Hairfinity:

  • It’s the less expensive choice – if the price is going to play a factor in the product you choose, please know that Hairfinity is the less expensive option.
  • Biotin infused formula – this hair growth supplement contains biotin, which is a powerful hair growth stimulant.

Hairfinity Cons

  • Twice a day – just like Viviscal, this supplement must be taken twice per day to experience the best hair growth.


As you can see, Viviscal and Hairfinity both make excellent hair growth choices. Pay attention to the pros and cons and choose the option most suitable to meet your needs. Don’t forget there are alternates on the market as well. One of our favorites Hair La Vie is reviewed on

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