Quick And Easy Workouts For On-The-Go Moms


A working mom’s life couldn’t be busier. From Monday to Sunday, each day is a hectic one. For most of them, it is often difficult to find time for themselves, as it seems that everyone is asking for a part of their time. It is truly difficult to juggle life and work. However, even if a mom is constantly on the go, it is still advisable to find a bit of personal time and squeeze in a few exercises to keep fit. Being healthy and fit is a choice, which you can do if you organize your time wisely and have a sound, flexible and doable daily schedule. Here are some ideas on how you can get some quick and easy workouts even if you’re constantly on the move.

In the office

While you are in the office, you can snatch a few minutes for some quick exercises. You can do 12 desk pushups to strengthen your arms. To tone your triceps, you can do a book press. Find the heaviest book in the office and hold it behind your head in both hands, then bring your arms up. Repeat this a few times.

You can improve your posture and release some tension on your shoulders by doing some shoulder blade squeezes. Pretend that you are holding a pencil between your shoulder blades and squeeze it for 10 seconds, then release. Repeat it as many times as you want.

Do some chair squats by standing about six inches from your chair. With your arms extended forward, lower your torso until your butt touches your seat then stand back up. Repeat a few more times.

You can strengthen your calf muscles and relieve the stress of wearing high heels. Remove your shoes, stand at the back of your chair and hold the top of the chair back. Stand with your feet close together and raise your calves. Hold it for 10 seconds before lowering your calves. Repeat as much as you can.

You can tighten your abs while seated. Sit up straight and hold your arm rests. Lift and stretch your leg parallel to the floor, hold for 10 seconds, lower your leg and start with the other one. A few repeats will be a great help. 

Find a High Intensity Fitness Program

CrossFit, TRX and various other fitness methods offer HIIT training which pack a lot of work in a short period of time. Some of these programs may also offer remotely coached fitness classes that you can do at leisure when you find the time, without losing time on getting to the gym and back.

Timing your exercise

Instead of having an exercise routine that will take away about an hour from your busy schedule, so your exercise in short spurts within the day. It is actually beneficial as you will burn more calories if you do 10-minute exercises several times a day. You can do many of these exercises anywhere. You do not have to change clothes and there’s no need to shower.

You can spend you coffee break to exercise. You can do leg lifts, toe lifts and squats while you’re on the phone. You can also walk around while you talk on the phone. Walk to colleagues’ desks if you need to discuss something instead of sending an email or calling them on the phone. Strengthen your hands by squeezing a ball repeatedly while reading emails or reports. 

While seated, you can strengthen your core and increase your flexibility with roll ups. Sit up tall on your chair and slowly bend forward one vertebrae at a time until your upper body rests on the top of your thighs and your arms dangling on your sides. Reverse the action as you come up.

You can do your full workout during the weekend. Supplement it with a family activity on Sundays. Take your family on a one-hour hike around your neighborhood. Jumping rope for 15 minutes will burn about 225 calories. Play with your kids in the playground or ride a bike together with your family.

Being active helps you keep fit. Try some of these quick and easy exercises everyday or at least three times a week and you’ll feel a big difference.

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6 years ago

nice ideas. i think woman should try this. It’s easy, fun, and take no money. Be a healthy.