The Transitional Turnover – 6 Household Necessities to Update in 2017


As winter approaches, home comforts become increasingly important.

You want to be able to return to your house at the end of a long day and feel completely secure and satisfied. While the traditional time for spring cleaning is right after winter, it’s worth giving your interiors a bit of a makeover before the cold nights set in.


That way, you not only get to enjoy a cozy season, curled up warm on the couch, you’re also getting a head start on your spring duties. It is worth remembering that, during off-peak times (like winter), many furniture retailers offer their best rates. You can grab great deals on sofas, outdoor blinds, dining room sets, and storage solutions.


Keep reading for some ideas on the household necessities which you might want to reinvigorate this winter.


The Deck/Patio


Most homeowners give up on using their decks once the cold weather arrives, but there’s no need to stay indoors. With sturdy, versatile outdoor blinds, like the ones available from All Weather Blinds, it is easy to create a season proof shelter. This stylish ‘ enclosure like’ coverings enables you to sit outside and enjoy the sun even when it’s chilly and windy.


The Lounge Suite


When it comes to sofas and lounge chairs, synthetic microfiber is rapidly gaining in popularity. It is highly stained resistant and it can be used to imitate a broad variety of fabrics. This makes it an affordable way to get the look that you want. The material is ideal for family homes, as it is easy to clean and maintain. So, it could be time to treat yourself to a comfy new couch.


The Curtains/Drapes


These days, fabric curtains and drapes can look a little old fashioned.

Many homeowners are choosing to replace them with sleek and super functional blinds. Whether metal, vinyl, plastic, or wood, window blinds are easier to clean than curtains. They are also better at controlling the amount of light in the room without compromising on privacy.


The Interior Lighting


If you haven’t swapped out your bulbs for energy efficient lighting yet, it’s a good idea for this winter. It is an affordable change and one which won’t take much time, but it could save you a substantial amount of money year on year. Energy efficient bulbs (LEDs are the best) consume less electricity and, therefore, have a smaller impact on the environment.


The Mattress


For a long time, the general advice has to be to buy a new mattress every seven years. However, just recently, experts are saying that, as long as it is in a good condition, it is okay to keep it for as long as twelve. You’ll know you need a new one when the springs start to sag and you stop feeling supported during sleep. Some of the best products around right now are memory foam mattresses and they offer many benefits to the fidgety and restless.


The Shower Head


For a surprisingly luxurious little treat, swap out your current showerhead for a rainfall model. These super wide devices completely transform the way you bathe. The water is pushed out of the shower head and directed straight downwards so that it feels like it is falling as rain would. The effect is a refreshing, stimulating experience which is perfect for anybody who struggles with waking up in the morning.


How Little Changes Can Make a Big Impact This Winter


The important thing is that you don’t have to spend a lot to give your home a new lease of life. Often, updating just one or two signature items is enough to create a refreshed and reinvigorated aesthetic. Some improvements, like outdoor blinds, actually add to the amount of space which you can use, so they offer superb value for money.


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