Pregnancy Jitters: How to Make the Most of This Special Time


Over 10% of women report feeling anxious, at one time or another, during their pregnancy. This anxiety, we call pregnancy jitters, can range from occasional worry to frequent panic attacks, and there’s an understandable cause–you’re pregnant.

A new life is a great responsibility. Many factors can cause worry and anxiety during your pregnancy, including financial stress, relationship struggles, and feelings of inadequacy. If you like to be prepared in all circumstances, then pregnancy is likely throwing you for a loop. A new life is something you can’t totally be prepared for, and it’s common to worry when you have a “bun in the oven.”  

If you have some pregnancy jitters, it’s important to talk it out, stay healthy, and remember where you do have control. Don’t feel bad for feeling bad. Whether you’re vaguely nervous or panicking outright, there are simple ways to make the most of this special time.

Talk It Out

A pregnancy is an exciting time, and, for the most part, you’ll hear nothing but good from your family and friends. This kind of positivity-only vibe might keep you in a box. You might not want to disappoint your family and friends by being “negative” and sharing your anxieties.

Your worry is doing you no good, however. It’s also not healthy for your baby. Talking out your concerns can help you feel better, and regularly sharing your anxieties may reduce them. Don’t be afraid to bring those negative feelings to the table. You have enough to worry about! Don’t add extra pressure by keeping your anxiety secret.

Stay Healthy

The best thing you can do for your baby stays healthy. Remember that you don’t have to solve, today, how you’re going to handle him or her as a teenager. You can take one day at a time and today, your job is to stay healthy.

Keep physically fit with pregnancy-safe exercises like Pilates, yoga, and swimming, but be sure to consult with your OB/GYN before engaging in any physical activity. Stick to a healthy diet, and make sure you’re taking your prenatal vitamins.

Remember Where You Have Control

If you’re feeling lost and helpless and totally unprepared for a new baby, remind yourself that you do still have control. (Over some things.) Practice letting go of the things you can’t change but enjoy the things you can be prepared for. Need a new baby-friendly vehicle?

You can take care of that during your pregnancy, with a car from Harrisburg, PA to Houston, TX. Nervous about your parenting skills? You can read books and take classes. There are areas you don’t have control over, and that’s just life. You can, however, be as prepared as possible for your baby.

As you get closer to meeting your newborn face to face, your pregnancy jitters may get worse. Remember to focus on each day at a time, and give yourself grace for all your negative feelings. Pregnancy can be challenging, but if you seek help from others, you can get through this time with courage and joy.

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5 years ago

Jitters during pregnancy are real! Especially when it’s your first time.