The Pets That are Safe For Young Kids and The Ones You Should Probably Avoid


If you’ve got young kids and what to add an exciting new family member to the household, you’re probably wondering about the safest kinds of pet, and the kind of pet you should probably avoid. The pet you buy your child is totally up to you, but some are definitely more suitable than others. You don’t want to have to supervise your child every single time they play with that pet, do you? Here are a list of pets we consider safe, and some that you should probably avoid for the time being:


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Safe Pets for Young Children


Puppies/dogs have made great pets for children since the dawn of time, especially if you buy a puppy and introduce them – they often grow up together and become the best of friends! Some people argue that some breeds aren’t safe for children, but we think this is only partly true. A dog is definitely a product of it’s environment, and while they do all have their own unique character traits, the way a dog is brought up can greatly affect the way they act around other people. Take the time to raise your dog properly from the moment you get him with proper training and smooth out any bad behaviour, and you’ll be fine!


Kittens also make great pets for children, although they’re usually a bit more aloof than dogs. You can have a house cat, providing you have everything she could possibly need inside the house, she won’t need to go out on her own – this also reduces her risk of getting attacked, killed, or developing a disease.


Hamsters are perfect for kids, cute, small, and love being handled. Your child will learn some great life lessons on how to look after their hamster, and they’ll love having something to take care of. There are different breeds, some more suitable than others, so do your research.

Pets You Should Probably Avoid


Horses can be very expensive, and young children probably won’t understand or appreciate just how hard they can be to take care of, and how much they can cost. You’d need to spend a lot of money getting all of the equipment together from Fairfield sales, and there are plenty more ongoing costs. Horses also take a lot of time and energy – do you have that time and energy? This pet is best left until your child is older and can help out.


Hedgehogs make cute, interesting pets but they can also be very difficult to care for. They need a constant certain level of care, or they could die.


Although rats can make great pets, they aren’t brilliant for very young kids. Wait until your child is a little older before introducing them to a domestic rat.

There are many more options available for your children, but you’ll need to weigh up the pros and cons and decide what’s suitable for them. You know your family best, and how much time, energy, and money you have to put into the care of the pet. Thanks for reading!


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