7 Great Hassle-Free Pets for Families With Kids


Owning a pet is a great experience for a child. A pet that you’ve taken the time and thought to choose carefully can become a great member of the family, and give your child years of joy. Not only will this pet become your child’s best friend, they’ll also teach them many valuable life lessons. Here are 7 great virtually hassle-free pets for families with kids:


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A Goldfish

A fish could be the perfect starter pet for a child. A goldfish is usually the most popular choice, but this doesn’t have to be the only fish you buy your child. A siamese fighting fish is a great first fish as it’s so easy to handle. You don’t need filters, heaters, chemicals, or anything else to complicated to keep the fish alive. Just me careful about mixing fish, and have a good chat to a pet store assistant to find out which fish can and can’t live together.

A Reptile

Certain reptiles can make great pets, even though they aren’t as warm, fuzzy, or loving as other pets. Tortoises can live for over 50 years, while lizards make great pets for learning. A snake could be a possible choice, although they aren’t for everyone and kids can find them scary.

A Bird

A bird is a more demanding pet than a tortoise or fish, but they can be very rewarding. All birds will need daily attention; some are very intelligent, and others just like to be social. Parakeets, canaries, cockatiels and cockatoos are all great choices.

A Rodent

Hamsters, guinea pigs, and gerbils are quite easy to raise. They should be handled regularly and gently to promote friendliness, but bear in mind that bites are possible if the hamster feels threatened. Rats can even make great pets due to how large they are, intelligent, and the way they enjoy companionship with humans.

A Cat

Fluffy little kittens are irresistible to kids, and they can grow up to make great feline friends. Cats are very independent creatures, so they require much less care than dogs and other animals. However, you’ll still need to take them for regular checkups at the vet and purchase online cat prescriptions should they need it. Whether you keep your cat indoors or let it roam free is up to you, but remember; your cat could never come home, it get injured badly on it’s travels.

A Dog

Kids love puppies – they’re a classic pet for children! However, you’ll need to research the best breeds for children and also bear in mind that dogs require a lot more commitment than with other pets. You’ll need to take them for regular trips to the vet, as well as shower them with love and affection. Proper training is important also, so you ensure your dog knows that you are his master.

Sea Monkeys

Sea monkeys are a first time pet that absolutely anyone can enjoy. Simply add water and watch the sea monkeys thrive and grow! With minimal care, you could have these sea monkeys for a year or more.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to buying your kids a great pet, so do your research and decide what’s best for your family home!


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