Is the Internet a safe place?


Nowadays, the Internet covers so many aspects of our lives, that a lot of people simply cannot imagine any further existence without it. It is of course a very useful source of knowledge and information and excellent platform which allows us to communicate with people all over the world. But in many ways, the Internet can be also very addictive. It is mostly concerning youngest users, who are often spending countless hours on playing video games or hanging out on social media websites. The latter one can be quite dangerous when it comes to children’s mental development, because they are simply replacing real life and real friends with the virtual ones. Minors prefer to communicate each other through various electronic devices which may cause damage to natural bonds between them and the other people in general. Moreover, there are many other kinds of threats hiding in the Web. For the parents, the most concerning one would be sexual predators, who nowadays use the Internet as a primary tool to look for new victims. They are especially active on chats or social websites. The latter ones are completely crowded with minors, so protecting them should be a priority.

What has to be done

At some point, we need to ask ourselves a question, what can we do in order to protect our children’s safety while they are browsing the Web? Ten years ago, we could just completely cut them off from the Internet. But today it is simply not an option, not only because of the Internet’s usefulness as a source of knowledge, but also because many jobs are contemporarily connected with online activity. More wisely would be having honest conversations with our children about what they shouldn’t watch or which websites should be avoided. It should be done with special care, because children are naturally curious about many things, so it wouldn’t be good if we would unintentionally encouraged them to do the things we wouldn’t like to happen. Good persuasion could be informing our kids, that entering suspicious sites with inappropriate content could end up with downloading malicious programs or viruses and damaging the computer in effect. If they are using their computer to play video games, this argument should be quite valid. We can also tell them about the privacy settings, which they can use on social media websites for the sake of protecting their personal information from different kind of stalkers or identity thieves.

Think about installing software

The last but not least, is installing parental monitoring software on your computer. There are many types of such programs available online, and they share very useful options. For example, they can report us about every website that our kids were watching or all the programs and games that they have used. Moreover, we can use such software for setting time limits on using the Internet or computer. The latter is especially useful when our kids are wasting too much time playing games online.


To conclude, there are a number of ways to protect our both children and our computer during their activity on the Internet. Installing guardian software can be quite efficient, but it surely has to be completed with children’s awareness about the Internet’s dangers.

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