Personalized Storybooks for Your Child


It’s no secret that a human being begins to learn about the world by oneself. If you understand your emotions and desires, you can understand the people around you. That is why it is so important to help future adults learn to develop their emotional intelligence as early as possible in childhood. And the best assistant in this will be personalized books for toddlers, which will tell your child about their emotions through games.

Why Individual Books Are the Best Assistants

Learning books have long been one of the best ways to teach little ones. Interesting pictures captivate children, especially if they explore them together with adults. What better way to spend time with your child? The answer is simple — spend that time in a meaningful way as well. Important information about life and society and the basic principles of psychology are included in educational books in the form of interactive exercises and interesting games. This increases the percentage of information learned and deposited in the subconscious child. Thanks to this, in the future, it will be much easier for them to comprehend the world around them than for their peers because all the learning will be applied automatically and without a backward glance.

Interesting Books from LionStory

The company LionStory creates special educational books, which have already managed to win the love of customers. And all thanks to the interesting feature of these books — individuality for each recipient. When you choose a book for your child, you will have the opportunity to change the appearance of the hero of this book. The large selection of appearance details will help you create the character that most resembles the little recipient. This will create a special connection between the child and the book, which will increase the effectiveness of learning. This book will become a favorite and will be long remembered by the future adult.

All of the publisher’s books are also translated into several languages. Therefore, children of any country can have an interesting experience in exploring themselves and their inner world. You can also use them in teaching foreign languages. The information given in the books will be interesting for children of any age, so they will be positively motivated to learn a new language.


Learning through books can be not only useful but also a fun way to spend time with your child. The world of emotions and the psychology of reactions have not long been revealed to people, so you can learn as much as you can while learning. Learn to understand your reactions with your child in an unforgettable adventure with books from LionStory.

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