How to Move Fragile Items in 6 Easy Steps


It’s no secret that each household has an overwhelming number of fragile goods, from plates, cups, bowls, and glasses to delicate framed artwork and sensitive electrical gadgets like TVs, desktop PCs, monitors, and printers. Antique furniture is another option worth considering.

When you’re moving to a new area, one of the most crucial things you need to do is packing up fragile items to move in a manner that ensures their protection until they arrive. As a result, securing the numerous delicate items you possess and wish to carry with you will be a difficult task.

There are a few preparatory measures you must take before you begin packing delicate things for shipment in order to be as prepared as possible for the packaging challenge.

When packing fragile objects for a move, you should avoid skipping the following early steps:

Step 1. Make an inventory of all of your objects that are delicate

The first step in relocating your delicates is to make an inventory of all your breakables and separate those that aren’t worth packing and transporting to the new house.

Your packing costs will go up according to the number of delicate objects you want to bring along since you will need an increased quantity of protective packaging materials in order to transport them safely.

The extra time spent wrapping and bubble-wrapping fragile goods will also increase the overall moving cost.

Determine which breakables in your house are worth the effort and which ones aren’t worth the effort. Leave aside the fragile items that you haven’t used in a very long time as well as the goods that already have some form of damage.

Step 2: Acquire the Appropriate Packing Materials

It’s crucial to understand which packing materials are best for delicate things while relocating, as well as how to utilize them. For instance, transporting the dishes from your kitchen straight into the crates without using any kind of appropriate protection may lead to disastrous results. Therefore, don’t do that.

Packing your fragile and breakable objects without proper protection is not an option, therefore here are the materials you’ll need:

  • Boxes made of cardboard. Boxes made of sturdy, spotless, and dry cardboard should be prepared. Extra-sturdy boxes, known as “dish packs,” may be used to safeguard delicate objects like kitchen plates and glasses from damage during shipping.
  • Packing paper. You are going to want a substantial quantity of gentle packing paper that is devoid of acid and ink. One set of 500 wrapping papers costs $25.
  • Wrapping paper with bubbles. To put it another way, bubble wrap is very necessary when it comes to the packaging of delicate objects for a relocation. When it comes to the best way to move fragile items from one house to another, using that plastic wrap that has been packed with air is without a doubt going to be the most effective method of protecting them. It costs around $20 for one box of 150 feet of Enviro-Bubble, which is both recyclable and reusable in its entirety.

Step 3. Small to medium-sized boxes should be used

If you’re moving breakables and delicate objects, you may be inclined to overpack bigger boxes, which increases the chance of damage. In addition to being more difficult to fill, larger boxes provide more room for your belongings to move about and damage.

Step 4. Heavy at the bottom, light at the top

Putting your heavier, bulkier, and more fragile items on the bottom and your lighter, less fragile items on top also makes the packing more stable and sturdier. Your things might be crushed if you load them in an unbalanced manner!

Step 5: Secure boxes

Even if you use brand new moving boxes and take care while packing fragile objects, accidents might happen on moving day. Boxes breaking beneath the weight of what’s placed within them is the most typical event while packing and transferring delicate objects.

As an additional layer of safety precaution, before you begin packing your fragile items, you should make sure that each cardboard box’s bottom and sides are taped shut. If you’re shipping fragile things from your house, you’ll want to reinforce the cardboard boxes with high-quality packing tape before shipping them.

It’s a good idea to line the inner bottom of each box with packing paper or bubble wrap so that fragile items within the cardboard containers have something to rest on if they accidentally shatter.

Step 6: Always put your breakables’ labels on the boxes

A good rule of thumb is that you should mark your boxes as soon as you finish packing them. Even if you discover a decent technique to recall what you’ve packed in what container, failing to identify the cardboard boxes that hold your extra-fragile stuff is a far more dangerous error.

In addition to saving you time when it comes time to unpack, labeling the boxes containing breakables will also serve as a warning that the items within may be easily broken if adequate care is not used.

On at least two sides of each package containing fragile objects, write FRAGILE and HANDLE WITH CARE. You should also write what’s in the box and where it goes.

Moving is stressful, especially if you have to do it quickly. But if you’re stressed out and, in a hurry, you might make silly, expensive, or even dangerous mistakes that damage your breakables or hurt you. Make sure you have enough time to move so that this doesn’t happen. If you need to, hire a professional mover to help you move. They will plan your move, give you the right packing materials and instructions on how to move fragile items and other things, and be careful with your belongings.

Do you know any other tricks for moving fragile items? Do not be ashamed to share them with us!

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Celebrate Woman Today

All good reminders. I find it more difficult to find the right packing when moving. So important to get it done right!

1 year ago

Some great tips here. Always good to mark boxes when things are fragile. You want to be careful with those boxes of fragile items.

Jennifer Passmore
1 year ago

I really appreciate reading these tips. My boyfriend and I plan on moving this year, so I am going to bookmark this post.

MaryKayInTouch USA
1 year ago

 Thanks for the information, I will try to figure it out for more. Keep sharing such informative post keep suggesting such post.

1 year ago

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