How to Select a Personalised Gift


In ancient times, gifting was a formal practice for maintaining social relationships. For formal and informal occasions, the practice and reasons for gifting have evolved significantly now.

Apart from occasions when gifting is considered a norm, we like to surprise our loved ones by gifting them something special as a sign of our affection.

Personalised gifts are becoming increasingly popular and are perfect for when you’re looking to give a present that stands out.

Do you shy away from giving personalised presents only because you’re not sure they will be well accepted? Well, you absolutely shouldn’t!

Follow this guide and you’ll never make an error of judgement when giving bespoke presents to your loved ones.

1. Plan Ahead

Getting someone a personalised gift requires meticulous planning. You cannot simply go to the shop and purchase it as you would do with readily available gifts.

If you’re lucky, you might find a store that delivers your orders on the same day. But I believe planning and placing your orders earlier can give the best results.

In the worst case, if the delivered gift is not as pretty as you had imagined, you will have time to request changes or even come up with a brand new idea.

2. How Well Do You Know The Recipient?

Consider the relationship you have with the recipient. Arrive at a niche based on their hobbies and interests. What’s better than a personalised mug for a coffeeholic?

In personalised gifts for close friends, you can include some goofiness. A collage of all your crazy or weird moments is a classic choice.

For a fashionable friend, think of something trendy and stylish like a personalised gold locket.

Avoid guesswork. If you’re opting for personalised candy bars, be sure about the recipient’s favourite flavours.

3. Think Of Your Budget

Personalised gifts are available in different price ranges. So, don’t rush to spend much money beyond your budget.

An ideal gift should make both the recipient and the giver happy. Gifts that are way too expensive can make it awkward for the recipient to accept.

By deciding on your budget, you can narrow down the options easily whether you’re ordering online or at a store.

4. Is The Gift Useful?

Gone are the days when people would store their gifts somewhere in the attic as a keepsake. Today gifting is governed by practicality. So, you must give them a useful present.

If the gift is used often, it will remind the receiver of you and strengthen your relationship. This explains why jewellery has been a popular gifting choice for centuries.

Personalised cheese boards, candles, and engraved cutlery are some great options. Of course, there’s plenty of room to use your creativity.

5. Colour Coordination

Both utility and beauty should be your priorities when choosing a gift. The colour scheme plays a crucial role in making the gift appealing.

From the wrapper to the goodies in the hamper, every colour should go well with the others. Again, the recipient’s personality is the deciding factor. After all, not everyone likes glitter.

Stores can help you pick the right colour, but when buying online, I recommend you check out some alluring colour combinations on the internet and choose the most appropriate one for the gifting occasion.

6. Choice To Return

You are putting in a lot of effort and thought to get the perfect gift for them. Despite all of that, mistakes can happen.

Your close friend might like the gift but say “Blue is nice. But this would have looked better in purple. Can we return this?”

In such instances, if the store has a return policy, you won’t have to call yourself Charlie for not knowing your friend’s tastes well.

In the end, remember that the best gift comes from the heart, not the store. I hope this post helped you do that.

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1 year ago

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