Pastimes That Can Earn You Money


Hobbies are psychologically rewarding and fun to engage in. Some hobbies, however, can actually earn you money. Hobbyists typically don’t take up an activity just to make cash out of it. Then again, if the activity you love is lucrative, why not commercialize it? Here are several well-known hobbies that can earn you supplemental income:

Online Gaming

Playing MMORPGS and various internet-connected games is possibly the most popular hobby people under 30 enjoy. It’s more than a hobby; gaming can be quite addictive. Though once derided as a time- waster and a potential cause of violence, gaming is still massively popular. In fact, the industry has evolved into e-sports, which is similar to regular competitive sports, but with players sitting at a computer. There are e-sports tournaments and championships with hefty winning prizes attached, so if you are an avid gamer, becoming an e-sport athlete could be your ticket to unfathomable riches.

Stock Trading

Believe it or not, day trading stocks is an actual profession, but for some, it is also a hobby. Certain people are attracted to the risky, high-stakes nature of this activity. However, keep in mind that this is not the same as gambling. If you have money to lose, you shouldn’t engage in buying or selling pink sheet stocks. Those who engage in this as a hobby typically have a cash reserve that they can afford to lose, as a precaution. You don’t need a wad of cash to trade penny stocks either. You can start with ten or twenty dollars. With some skill, this amount can grow to hundreds of dollars.

Baking Cakes

Most of us love eating cakes and some of us also love baking them. Casual cake bakers can find both online fame and capital with their talents. If you have a knack for cake decorating, there are two ways you can monetize your hobby. First, you can post YouTube videos or blog about edible artwork and attract tens of thousands of followers. Secondly, you can bake cakes for clients on the weekends. There are already a number of amateur cake bakers who have found fame and a means of income by promoting their work online.


In an age of mass-produced clothing and advanced sewing machines, knitting is a rare art. You may remember your grandmother knitting, but how many people your age can actually knit? That’s right; if you are a young person who knits as a hobby, you may be able to earn extra cash on the side. You can sell handmade, knitted items online per order. If you don’t want to go to the trouble of launching a website, you can use a service like Etsy to sell your wares. Handmade clothes can be sold at relatively high prices for their value. The more talented or experienced you are, the more success you will have in selling your products.


If you are a shopaholic, it’s possible to stop spending all your money and use your favorite activity to start earning money. You can become a professional shopper that shops on behalf of brands, companies, or marketers. You can get paid a small stipend for your trouble, and all your purchases will be reimbursed. There’s also a budding profession where people with too much money and too little time hire individuals to do their shopping. You can try this to actually earn back the money you spend shopping.

Is your hobby listed above? Thanks to the internet, just about any hobby can be lucrative if you are willing to put some effort into it.

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