4 Ways You Can Make Money In 2018


It’s a rare mom who doesn’t wish there were “easy” ways to make money and bring in some extra cash throughout the year.

Whether it’s a desire to get a little more breathing room in the monthly budget, or whether it’s wishing for a little personal mad-cash so you can treat yourself now and then guilt-free, we all often feel the need for a bit of extra coin. A great way to achieve that is by trying out bitcoin loophole software

Well, fortunately, there are actually quite a few not-well-known ways a busy mom can do just that! Keep reading to learn some fairly easy and even fun ways you can make a bit of extra cash in 2018.

Cryptocurrency Investments

Of course, one of the easiest ways to earn extra cash is to put some of your current cash to work.

One of the hottest new investment opportunities out there right now is of course bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Though its actually been around since the late 2000’s (who knew?), lately it’s been gaining a lot of ground and showing promise. Crypto Head can help walk you through the ins and outs of what it is and how to invest in it.

Virtual Side Jobs

If you have a couple hours a day, or even just a few hours a week to set aside, there are a number of legitimate side jobs that you can pursue virtually that can pay surprisingly well.

  • Virtual Bookkeeping: before you ask – no, you don’t need to be a certified accountant or CPA to do this! Pretty much all you need is a working computer and decent computer skills. It helps if you enjoy helping people too, business owners specifically.This opportunity could earn you up to $60 an hour for just a few hours set aside a week, so it’s definitely worth checking out!
  • Freelancing: freelancing is becoming a huge way to make a full-out living as well as a way to make some extra mad cash. With services like Fiverr and Upwork, you can offer pretty much any of your skills for hire.If you are a fairly proficient writer, you can take up copywriting or editing. If you are good at web or graphic design, you can offer these services as well. The great thing is that you can set your own workload and schedule and can potentially bring in quite a bit on just a small part-time schedule!


There are quite a few survey apps out there, like i-Say or Opinion Outpost, who will pay cash or points (which are redeemable for cash, PayPal credit, gift cards, etc) for your opinion! Covering everything from political polls to consumer surveys, these can be fun and usually quick ways to earn a bit of extra dough.

Most of the surveys only take about 10-15 minutes. Sure, a lot of them only pay a couple dollars at a time, but if all you’re doing is sitting at the playground while your kiddos scamper or vegging at the end of the night in front of the TV, what’s a few minutes for a couple of bucks you didn’t have before?


Like to shop till you drop? Or maybe you don’t “like” it, but we all have to do it, right?

Well, how about earning extra cash for shopping at the stores for the things you would buy normally anyway? There are a surprising number of apps that will either pay you to shop or pay you in rebates.

One example is Shopkick, which pays you in “kicks” when you walk into qualifying stores and/or make qualifying purchases. Often, you simply need to walk in or just scan a barcode. You can then redeem the kicks you earn for gift cards.

Another app is Ibotta which will help you earn money for your regular purchases. There are numerous ways to interact with the app, such as scanning your receipts to get cash back on any qualifying purchases, as well as performing tasks through the app that allow you to get cash back on future purchases.

If you’re going to be purchasing an item anyway, why not earn some of your money back in the process?

Lots of Ways

The bottom line – there are lots of creative ways to save money and earn money this 2018. Don’t let money get you down. Try out some or all of the above tips this year and see what a difference it can make for your crew!

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