Make Saving a Game


Being low on funds stinks. It’s particularly annoying when hard work never really seems to pay off. As soon as money comes in it flies right back out. A payday loan could offer the financial top up you need to ensure monthly expenses are covered and even offer the opportunity to have a little extra to treat your loved ones and friends. Wonder how to make money? Write a self-help book about making money! Seriously, there’s a lot of well-meaning advice out there—some of it worth looking into but there’s plenty more that won’t make much of a difference when times are really tight. This isn’t about deciding where to invest any extra cash lying around, it’s about surviving each month. Going up from rock bottom should actually be viewed as a positive thing because there is only one way to go and that’s up. In addition to shoring up basic money-saving skills, it’s also really helpful to learn how to have fun with it.

Have fun being broke? Yeah. And learning to have fun while getting back on track.

Learn to Cook

Being able to cook awesome meals at home will not only help save money, It can also help improve health, too. The ability to make delicious meals out of low-cost ingredients and then rework those meals into even more tasty dishes is key. It doesn’t have to be award-winning cuisine, but one should get a basic understanding of how specific tastes work together. With a pantry stocked with basic staples the perishable items can be bought a bit at a time when items are on sale. Check videos online, ask a friend offer advice or look for a non-profit class that can teach the basics. Then enjoy the new-found knowledge by planning low-cost meals that rival the restaurants.

Use Time Wisely

It’s amazing how few realize how much wasting time and energy can cost them. For one, that wasted time could be used for more worthwhile projects and the spent energy could be used for making and saving more money. Some of the big time wasters are due to a lack of organisation in various aspects of life. Anyone who has spent all too many occasions searching for keys understand this. In order to make the most of time, become a list maker to keep track of all the things that need to be tackled—then arrange tasks so that all in the same general proximity can be handled in the same trip. Those with their own car will save petrol, which is no small matter.

Grow Food

Not everyone has access to a sunny patch of yard but for those who do, growing food is a joyful way to save money. Low on space? Container and vertical gardening are great options. Anyone who loves fresh vegetables will be spoiled for any store-bought items once they start growing their own. Starting a garden may seem intimidating and none-too-cheap to start. However, once the basic tools, seeds and soil are purchased it will get easier from there on out. Also consider sharing seeds with friends to help offset costs. Plus there’s nothing finer than knowing exactly what’s gone into the soil that helps grow dinner. City dwellers wanting to get a taste of gardening can look up the nearest community garden to see if volunteer work can be exchanged for food. Not only will it be educational and fun, the payout will be fresh, delicious food!


When trying to cut costs it’s the dreaming that gets lost in the shuffle. Yet having long-range goals can make daily sacrifices seem more worthwhile. Maybe the goal is to become debt-free by such-and-such a date. Or maybe a long-awaited holiday is in the works or buying a home. Make a wish board on a wall or computer of all the goals being worked for. When times get tough it helps to see what the big picture really looks like.

No matter what the reason is for saving, the point is to have fun with being frugal because attitude is everything. Cutting costs does not mean having to give up all the good stuff but it does mean figuring out priorities. Sometimes it takes giving up somethings in order to gain—and that doesn’t necessarily mean forever. With a new, more joyful outlook towards savings and a clear goal to focus on success is assured.

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