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If you’re shopping for gifts for your family and friends this holiday season, you may have just about forgotten your boss; with so many people to shop for, that is a completely understandable scenario!  The office Christmas party is coming up, so you need to act fast.  Buying a gift for your boss doesn’t need to be a chore.  In fact, it can be very exciting! Here is a top-ten list of last-minute gifts to show your boss how much you appreciate him or her this Christmas.

Charcuterie Accessories

Sometimes the most appetizing meal can be a plate of meats and cheeses.  Cheese boards come in many beautiful materials and sizes such as teak wood or marble.  Another useful accessory would be cheese knives.  A set of cheese knives includes knives that cut, spread, or gather crumbles or cheese.  Of course, do not bring charcuterie accessories without the charcuterie itself.  Bring some Italian cured meats and a basic cheese like brie or blue cheese.


Bring a bottle of wine or your boss’ favorite whiskey, gin, vodka, or tequila.  Ask around to find out if your boss has a spirit of choice.  If you are not well-schooled in spirits, visit a BevMo or another high-end liquor store and have an assistant aid you.  Alcohol does not have to be an expensive gift.  Tell the assistant your price and they will find the right gift to satisfy your boss’ palate.

Bar Cart Accessories

If you want to go outside the box for something other than alcohol this season, look into mixology accessories.  Vintage-inspired bar carts hail holidays from the sixties, so for your vintage-loving boss invest in something like a whiskey or wine decanter.  An alternative would be some classic high ball glasses.  There are also other more modern accessories like spherical ice ball mold to kick your boss’ Crown Royal up a notch.

Tickets to Sports Game

Your boss might enjoy watching sports.  If that is the case, they might enjoy receiving tickets for a local game.  Whether it’s basketball, baseball, football, or hockey, these are always exciting games to bring family and friends. Hunting for deals online is a good way of getting cheaper tickets as well, and always offers great deals and awesome seats.

Athletic Gear

Does your boss like to play sports more than watch them?  Look into getting sports related gear.  If your boss prefers to hit the range, there are plenty of gifts for the golfer that do not include expensive clubs. A simple gift of new caps, sweatbands, or accessories like an armband for his or her iPhone would also be a thoughtful gift.

Cooking Knives

Unleash your boss’ inner chef with a set of cooking knives. Although brands like Cutco are popular, you can also visit a restaurant supply store and discover a world of kitchen supplies.  A proper chef’s knife will do the trick, and for more knives consider cheese knives and bread knives.  Steak knives are excellent as well.

Omaha Steaks

Speaking of knives, why not follow it up with premium cuts of beef from Omaha Steaks? There might be nothing more satisfying on a cold night than a hot juicy steak.  They will appreciate it when they sit together with their family for a hearty dinner.  Or, if you and your boss’ family is close, offer to come over and grill the steaks with him or her!

A Massage or Other Spa Treatment

Allow your boss to unwind and get them out of the office with a gift card to a spa treatment.  Many spa centers offer gift cards for many tempting treatments.  A popular choice would be a massage, but other treatments include mud baths, flotation therapy, and facials.  Give a gift for your boss and either a friend or significant other to really let your boss unwind.


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