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Owners and managers of bars, restaurants, nursing homes and apartment complexes are well aware of the problems caused by hard to remove odors caused by smoking, mold, mildew and smoke damage, just to name a few of the culprits. Animal odors are particularly hard to remove. Owners and managers spend a considerable amount of time and money to try to get rid of the odors with chemical cleaners or perfumes that just mask the odors. In many cases, having odor-free premises would significantly benefit the bottom line for small businesses.
Now there is a new technology that addresses the root cause of odors to leave facilities smelling fresh and clean. Have you ever noticed that outdoor air smells fresh and clean after a thunderstorm? The electrical current produced by the lightning converts atmospheric oxygen into ozone. The ozone then breaks back down into oxygen releasing a free oxygen atom that bonds to and oxidizes the molecules that cause odors. The process of oxidation effectively neutralizes the odor-causing molecules. The technology puts nature’s methods to work in order to make your facility smell fresh and clean. Now there are small ozone-generating units you can use for indoor facilities. A good example of this technology can be found at

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