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With tax season here yet again, I realize I’ve been paying way too much money on certain things. As a business woman, and a mom with a full household, spending happens easier and faster than we realize. Every year, at tax time, I sit down and start putting together my spreadsheet of incoming and outgoing for the accountant. And every year, I see where almost every penny has been spent. 

This year, one of the places I seen a massive increase in spending is both at the office and at home. Soda, Bottled Water and Coffee to be exact! Not only do we supply our employees with free beverages, but we keep our home fully stocked as well. 

After talking with the accountant he gave me some suggestions on how I can cut down on these costly expenditures. His first recommendation was to use the Keurig Kold at the office and home. Explaining it’s far cheaper to use this machine rather than purchasing case after case of soda each month. And, he future stated, at least at his office, they’ve seen less waste, Meaning less half full cans and bottles setting around the office. Not to mention, less to recycle weekly. 

I asked him specifically about the taste and he told me he can’t tell the difference other than it just seems to taste a bit fresher! I’m liking this idea. He also told me that it comes out perfectly chilled, about 39°, thus I wouldn’t have to worry about putting in ice and have it lose its spunk! And all in less than 90-seconds. 

kureig cold

Can you image the savings from the use of the Keurig Kold, I sure can. With just one push of a button everyone can enjoy a chilled drink within minutes plus you’ll be back at your desk/office before you know it. You won’t be wasting anymore time nor money at the vending machine!

With the variety of choices for beverage drinks I’m sure everyone will be happy with the Keurig Kold.


Another feature I like about the Keurig Kold is the ability to make cocktail beverages, instead of us leaving the office after a long day on Fridays. We can call “Happy Hour” right in the office after work. The Keurig Kold will make cocktail drinks like Mojito, Rita’s & Tina’s Margarita’s and so many other, check here to see more.


I don’t know about anyone else but saving this year is on the top of my list. No matter if it’s for my home or business I want to do my best to not waste any money. With the use of the Keurig Kold  machine at home or at the office I’m sure it will definitely help me to save. I can only imagine being at home sitting back on the couch with a chilled drink made from the Keurig Kold and watching a good movie, Oh the life!



So I ask you this, where are you trying to save in your business/home? I’m saving and enjoying a few chilled drinks with the Keurig Kold machine.


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