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If you’re about to set up home in your first pad, then there are lots of things you’ll need to acquire for your kitchen so you can prepare meals and entertain. Whether you buy items brand new, accept hand-me-downs from friends or family or seek out good quality finds from second-hand stores, here’s all you need to know to set up your first kitchen.


The appliances you choose will be your biggest expense, so only choose those that you really need. Lots of appliances take up valuable kitchen space too, so there’s little point buying items that will only take up room if you’re not going to get much use out of them. You’ll probably need a kettle, toaster, microwave, fridge freezer, oven with hob and washing machine as your basics. But, there are lots of other kitchen appliances you could opt for, such as coffee machine, electric blender and food processor, juicer and bread maker, for instance.

The basics

You’ll need a set of dinner plates and smaller plates, as well as bowls, glassware and mugs. Basic cutlery should include knives, forks, desert spoons, soup spoons, tea spoons and a couple of serving spoons. If you use a microwave to heat up food, then make sure your plates and bowls are microwaveable.


It’s worth investing in good quality pans, because you’ll certainly get a longer life out of them than cheaper versions. Go for two large pans and a couple of smaller pans – although, obviously a lot depends on how much cooking you do! A decent, non-stick frying pan and wok may also come in handy. Baking trays and casserole dishes will also be useful.

Preparing meals

In order to prepare meals, you’ll need a chopping board, set of knives, spatulas and wooden spoons, a tin opener, a potato peeler, a bottle opener, a colander, a sieve, scissors, a cheese grater, measuring spoons or a measuring jug – and these are just your basics. If you’re an avid cook, then you may need things like a garlic press, whisk, rolling pin, pastry cutters, etc.


Get yourself a few plastic storage tubs so that you can save leftover meals. You may also want some sandwich bags, freezer bags, cling film and tin foil.


With all that cooking you’re going to do, you’ll need to keep your kitchen clean and tidy. Get some dishcloths, pan scrubs, cleaning fluid, washing up liquid and bin liners. Don’t forget a few tea towels and hand towels, too.

Store cupboard essentials

Every kitchen, no matter how much cooking takes place in there, requires basic store cupboard essentials. These are usually items such as salt and pepper, pots of herbs and spices (a spice rack will come in handy), stock cubes, vinegar, sauces, jam, honey, sugar and flour. It’s worthwhile investing in a few glass storage jars so that you can fill them with dried goods such as pasta, rice, pulses and beans, rather than having to store half-empty packets in the cupboard.

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