Reasons Why Motorized Drapes and Blinds Are the Ideal Option for Your Home


Blinds and drapes of all types are a popular choice of window dressing for the modern home. People use them to keep nosy neighbors from prying into their home in the evening, and also to keep the sun out. In winter, thick drapes provide valuable insulation when windows are drafty or the temperatures outdoors are sub-zero. There are of course a multitude of different designs available. Many rely on us to open and close them, but for those individuals who fancy something a bit different, motorized drapes and blinds could be a great choice, especially Express Essex Blinds. So under what circumstances would you find motorized blinds or drapes useful?

You Are Disabled

Depending on your disability, you might have mobility problems of one sort or another. This could make it hard for you to jump up and close the drapes if the sun suddenly begins to annoy you, or you are bed bound but unwilling to stay in perpetual darkness forever and a day. Motorized drapes are incredibly easy to open and close—all you have to do is press a button and hey presto! Within a few seconds, your drapes are in exactly the right position, without you needing to resort to calling your carer to assist.

Your Ceilings are Taller than the Vatican

Tall ceilings with correspondingly tall windows can represent a big problem for homeowners. Drapes and blinds may be essential to keep the light out and the heat in, but if you are unable to reach the blind cord, or the sheer weight of fabric makes it difficult to pull your drapes closed, motorized blinds and drapes are a good alternative.

You Are Pathologically Lazy

Are you the kind of person who sits in a chair in front of the TV for hours, a few beers and some snacks within easy reach? If so, motorized blinds or drapes could be a good choice for your home. Instead of expending unnecessary energy by being forced to get up and close the drapes when the afternoon sun begins to impact on your television viewing schedule, you can grab the remote control for your drapes and close them immediately.

You Have Windows in Inaccessible Locations

It is not unusual to have windows installed in roofs or at the top of high stairwells. You might not necessarily need to have blinds or drapes fitted on these windows, but if you want extra insulation or the sun regularly shines through and disturbs you, a well placed blind or pair of drapes could be essential. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to open and close blinds and drapes when the window is out of reach for any reason, so in this instance, a motorized pair of drapes or an attractive blind could really make a difference.

You Want to Turn Your Neighbors Green with Envy

Do you neighbors have stylish motorized blinds or drapes? If not, this is your opportunity to upstage them big time.

Motorized blinds and drapes are likely to be more expensive than regular blinds or drapes. They are also more difficult to fit, so make sure you engage a reputable company to do the work.

Nancy Baker soon realized the folly of having a roof window installed on her landing when the afternoon sun shone through and hit the crystal vase sitting on a small table far below. It almost caused a fire to break out, so once Nancy had thrown water on to the smoldering carpet, she contacted a motorized blinds NYC company and arranged for them to fit a new blind immediately.



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