Norway in a Nutshell and Beyond


Norway evokes images of the aurora borealis, the midnight sun, majestic mountains, and beautiful meandering fjords. It brings to mind nature, sports, and the arts. A visit to Norway always brings out the spirit of Friluftsliv in all of us. The perception that returning to nature is just like coming home.

A visit to Norway is never complete without experiencing a unique kind of train trip. A trip that takes you across scenic mountains and fjords. The Bergen to Oslo train takes you on a memorable journey through the Bergen Railway line.

The Bergensbanen

Norwegians traditionally call this line the Bergensbanen.  The scenic line connects two of the country’s largest cities, Oslo and Bergen.  It is 493 kilometers long and is North Europe’s highest stretch of railway. The line crosses the Hardangervidda mountain plateau which sits 1,237 meters above sea level.  Its highest station is in Finse at 1,222 meters above sea level. Approximately, 100 kilometers run through mountain terrain. The 305-kilometer Oslo to Bergen train ride takes approximately 7 hours.  

Expect to be mesmerized by the incredible Norwegian scenery as you travel on the Oslo to Bergen train. The journey takes you through several villages, giving you a glimpse of life in the Norwegian countryside.  You will see dramatic formations as unforgettable vistas unfold before your eyes. When nearing Finse, you’ll see Norway’s sixth largest glacier – the Hardangerjøkulen glacier. Interestingly, this served as the filming location for Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back.  

The Flam Railway

Upon reaching Myrdal, you can choose to take the beautiful and dramatic Flam Railway. This route is often referred to as one of the world’s most picturesque routes. It offers views of valleys and waterfalls as it climbs the Hardangervidda plateau. This ride takes you to some of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. You can fully appreciate this vista as you stand on the Stegastein viewing platform jutting out from high above the Aurlandsfjord. Get to see the Rjoandefossen waterfall with its 459-foot drop. The train also makes a photo stop at the Kjosfossen waterfall during the summer. The magnificence of the Norwegian fjord landscape will never fail to impress you.  

Flam to Bergen

Flam sits at the end of the 29-kilometer long Aurlandsfjord. This fjord is a branch of the Sognefjord, Norway’s longest fjord. Here, you can take a 10-minute drive to Undredal which is a part of the Nærøyfjord World Heritage Park. Afterward, you can take a ferry from

Flam to take you to Bergen.  This voyage over pristine waters gives you an up-close and personal view of the magnificent cliffs flanking the fjords.

More to Norway than the Fjords

There are more things to do when in Norway.  There are plenty of outdoor activities to choose from.  You can go skiing, cycling, canoeing, and kayaking. These are just some of the activities that you can do.  Norway also offers wild safaris where you can get close to animals like king crabs, musk ox, and whales. And, of course, you should not forget to catch the Northern lights.


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