Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for your Wife



Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and nothing says I love you like a card. Pretty Post Cards that is. With pretty post cards you can personalize the way you say I love you, and in a keepsake memory your wife will treasure a lifetime. No matter what gift you pick out for your wife or loved one this Valentines Day, be sure to include a personalized post card with words only you can express.



What are you going to get your wife?!!! We can help with our ten great gift ideas! Some of these are simple purchases and others take a little planning. Skip the standard box of chocolates and a simple card with a rose and do something a little more for her this year! Here are our top 5 ideas for creating that special Valentine’s Day memory for your wife!

1) A Day Off– Get with her best friends husband/boyfriend and organize a day where you’re special lady sleeps in without having to make breakfast, touch laundry, lift a dust rag, or push a vacuum. Now, take it a step further and hand over the keys to the car and a card that has a time and location on it. Hand over a second envelop that says open after you go to the location given to you for part two of your day that is all about you. The location can be a massage parlor, salon with hair, makeup, and nail packages purchased ahead. Let them know you are sending your spouse their as a surprise. Make sure the friends spouse is willing to do the same. Send chocolates to be delivered about 30 min after the appointment start time. The second envelop is simple, put in money or credit card gift cards. Wrap a note around one and label it shopping, wrap a note around the other and label it lunch. Giving your spouse a day to just spoil herself without worrying about time, the kids, or the cleaning is the most amazing thing you can do and adding your spouse’s friend to share in this with her lets her know you realize that she works hard and sometimes just needs that adult female conversation to remind her of the beautiful woman you once married.

2) A New Kind of Reading– All the hype around the new way to read a book is probably not going anywhere. Know your spouse well enough to know if she would be open to an e-book reader as many prefer the feel of paper in their hands. If they are, get them a Kindle Fire with a few romance novels downloaded on it, plus a book you know they would love to have! Re-Kindle your fire by stimulating her mind with the gift of knowledge, literature, and imagination. If they wouldn’t like an e-book reader than find 3 specific books in hard back to tie a red ribbon around: a book of old romance sonnets, a fantasy novel, and a classic that has a romantic theme. Clear out the furniture in your main room as she puts the kids down to bed or have them stay at grandma’s and set this up while she drops them off. Spread a blanket on the floor, place candles everywhere, and put some pillows on the floor with you. Now, place a picnic basket with either her favorite take out or a variety of cheeses, crackers, fruits, and chocolate for dipping plus a bottle of wine, sparkling cider, or her favorite adult beverage. Feed each other food and read to each other stopping to exchange thoughts ideas or memories.

3) Memory Lane– Get a collection of photos from the day you met until now picking out the tender moments together. Have them printed in black and white framing one in a large frame for each year of marriage. Make an excuse for her to leave the house and hang the photos with clear fishing wire from the ceiling with the framed photos on the wall or in chairs starting with the earliest photos at the door and going throughout the house. Lead her on a walk down memory lane telling her why you choose each photo. End with a nice photo album or scrapbook for her to store the photos in, plus she now can decorate the house with reminders of your love through the years!

4) Update your wedding rings! If you haven’t already get her ring engraved with a special saying or affectionate statement. This way she can know that like the circle of her ring never ends, your whispers of affection are unending as well. If you already have had the ring engraved, look at upgrading or adding to it! Every woman loves her wedding ring and taking the time to add to your symbol of love from time to time, just reminds her that your vows and love will only grow and improve with time.

5) Bring her sexy back! Being married means we can forget about the spark that brought us together at times. Jobs, kids, school, life can get us into routines or just plan consume all our time. Boost her confidence by reminding her you think she is you’re at home Aphrodite! Get her a gift card to Victoria’s Secret, or if you’re more scandalous Fredrick’s of Hollywood or another online adult shop! Make sure the adult shop has enough scandalous things in it that she can choose something that fits her, so she can find what makes her feel sexy. Get a garter for her leg, add some love coupons to make it all about her, and using the garter attach the love coupons and gift card to a new pair of fancy shoes in her size. If you wish to add a CD of romantic music, do it! Now set the gift in the middle of the bed and surround it with flower petals of her favorite flower! Sometimes, us woman need to be reminded that we are still able to light your fire after all the time and life journey’s we have been on together!

Abby Billings is a home daycare provider, mom to 2 under 3 human babies plus 3 furbabies, blogger, and a wife!

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