Things to Know Before Moving to Southern California


Southern California, affectionately referred to as SoCal, has long been a destination for those dreaming of a sun-kissed life in one of the most populous states in the USA. If you’re planning on making a move there, there are some things you need to know beforehand.

The SoCal area is comprised of the 8 (or 10 by some definitions) southernmost counties in the state of California. It generally is considered to be the area from the US-Mexico border up to the Kern County area. What gives the area staying power with SoCal Homebuyers, you might ask?


The weather in southern California allows residents to spend time outdoors 365 days out of the year, with a plethora of outdoor activities on offer. Those on the coast can enjoy excellent surfing and beaches, while those who live inland can go on beautiful nature hikes and spend time at any of the numerous lakes in the area.

The SoCal area also comprises many large metropolitan centers like Los Angeles and San Diego, meaning big city amenities like shopping malls and bustling urban centers teeming with life are easily found. That’s not to say there aren’t some cute hamlets dotting the SoCal area, but these metropolises tend to attract the highest number of people to the place.


With an unemployment rate of 4.9% in L.A county, southern California is teeming with jobs, thanks to the diverse array of opportunities in the area. The movie industry pumps money into many areas of the state. Even if you’re not directly involved with cinema, you’re probably getting some spillover benefits of all of that movie money coursing through the state’s veins.

Besides the movie business, things like natural resources and medical or service-based jobs to fulfill the needs of the millions of inhabitants of the SoCal area makes it difficult for trained professionals not to find gainful employment.


The warm climate and fact that many people come to California to reinvent themselves have led to a laid-back attitude among most of the inhabitants. Nobody cares much about who you were before you came here, only what you’re up to now that you’ve settled in. On a micro scale, this means most people are open and welcoming to anyone who’s trying to make a life for themselves in the area.

On a macro scale, this has made for a large cultural mosaic that means there’s something for everyone in SoCal. People from all cultures and nationalities have come to the area. Each one of them has contributed something to the rich culture. Any cuisine can be found, and there’s a myriad of late night entertainment options to keep you busy.


Are you tired of shoveling snow or dealing with near constant rain where you live currently? Well, SoCal has a diverse range of climates ranging from the Mediterranean to tropical. It’s hot there. There’s no avoiding that, but the amount of precipitation you’ll have to contend with can be tailored to suit your liking, depending on which county you decide to settle in. Those who want to soak up the sun will love what the state has to offer.

Last Words

Packing up all of your things and starting a new life in California has become a cliche by this point, but for a good reason. The state is full of opportunities and has one of the most livable climates in the entire continental United States. Surely, you’ll find reasons to love the area just a little bit more each time.

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