Noom Review: Pros & Cons of Their Coaching App


Habits, whether good or bad, do not form overnight. They are a result of doing certain activities over and over again until they stick and become habitual. The Noom app helps you create good eating habits that help you lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The app helps you focus on the things you eat, guides you on how to lose weight permanently, and helps you know the right exercises. Noom helps you have a disciplined lifestyle regardless of what your current weight or age is. In this Noom review, you will get to understand the pros and cons of the coaching app.


1)            It Works

You will find several apps offering weight loss coaching, but none comes close to Noom. With its over 4 million users, it has won the hearts of many. It is an app that has proof of positive weight loss results among millennials.

The coaching has proof of work as detailed by, meaning it is useful. The app offers long-term solutions to your weight loss issues.

2)            2-Week Free Trial

Even if you do not have the money, you can try the Noom app for free in 14 days. You can later decide at the end of the period if you wish to continue with the paid plan or not.

3)            Community Support

Once you subscribe to Noom officially, there is a group you will get assigned to. You can interact with other community members in the app and share challenges, achievements, and the entire journey of weight loss.

4)            Long-Term Effects

Unlike many diet fads in the market that you practice and leave, Noom helps form a lifestyle. It is not a short-term coaching kind of app but instead focuses on helping you to change your habits. The weekly diet changes and eating habits become second nature once you stick to them and can make it your routine.

5)            Coaching Is One-On-One

You will have a health coach assigned to train you on the Noom app at a personal level. You can talk to your coach at any time of day, and they will take you through the weight loss journey. One-on-one training is beneficial as you go through the session according to your needs and not based on a group.


1)            It is Pricey

At the cost of $59 per month, the app is pricey for some individuals. There is a 14-day free trial, but you have to be careful with it. There is a cancellation policy that requires you to check out at the end of the free trial, failure to which you will start getting billed.

2)            Training Online

Not everyone likes online training, and for some, such services are way out of reach. Physical meetings would be appropriate as it makes one more disciplined.

3)            Prepare Own Meals

Unlike some programs that deliver prepackaged meals, Noom does not. You, therefore, have to take the time and prepare the meals yourself. It can be an inconvenience as you can be too busy to stick to a specific diet.

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