Most Amazing Luxurious Mykonos Villas


On the south side of Mykonos, not far from the cosmopolitan capital, one can find the picturesque, Instagram-perfect, coastal village of Platis Gialos. Home to the longest beach on the island, with fine sand, crystal clear waters, and lots of facilities to please water lovers, Platis Gialos is a dream location for those that fancy the idea of sipping their cocktail with just the sound of the waves as their company (also ideal for fine dining experiences).

What makes Platis Gialos so Unique?

Although Platis Gialos it is a rather quiet and peaceful retreat, offering plenty of opportunities for a relaxed holiday, it provides an enjoyable escapade for almost every taste. For starters, it is a step away from famous beaches like Super Paradise and Paradise whose crazy parties’ reputation has reached the corners of the earth. On top of that, history enthusiasts will love the fact that a bit northern of Platis Gialos lie the well-preserved towers of the Roman and Hellenistic times. That aside, the quaint village is also a popular hub that connects visitors with almost all the beaches on the island (via water taxis and boats). As for photography aficionados, let’s just say that the region is one of the most photographed areas in Mykonos for a reason! What you get from staying here is, well, sheer pleasure – however you may define it.

Most Exclusive Villas at Platis Gialos

Villa Pandora (up to 12 guests – 6 bedrooms)

Designed to meet the requirements of guests longing for solitary life and privacy, Villa Pandora is a beautiful 2-storey holiday property boasting superior views of the Aegean Sea from almost every inch of its 385m2, be it its magnificent verandas, master bedrooms, pool or other outdoor spaces.  

Modern amenities and comforts make living a delight while exuding the charm of traditional Mykonian architecture with an elegant and tasteful blend of the contemporary and old. Spacious rooms, a fully equipped kitchen, plenty of comfortable outdoor seating areas, a massive pool with enough sun loungers for up to 12 guests to enjoy the warmth of the Mediterranean sun while drinking their cocktail, and a stylish pergola for those romantic or private times are some of the things you will love about this house.  

Villa Olivia (up to 6 guests – 3 bedrooms)

With Cycladic elements making their presence attractively loud in every room, Villa Olivia and its sweeping sea views is a 120m2 vacation home cut for guests with a luxury lifestyle. Elegant, chic, and lavish interiors matched with outdoor spaces designed with fastidious care to reflect the uniqueness of the Mykonos way of living welcome you to an experience where ensuring your peace of mind is the only focus.

Besides the splendid panoramas, the villa also comes with all the luxury facilities expected. A fully equipped kitchen, commodious living spaces, glass doorways that bring the outdoor indoor, endearing terraces offering bird’s eye views of the Aegean, a marvelous master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom, cute pergolas to enjoy your privacy, guest rooms created to provide an equally palatial stay, a luxuriant garden with imposing palm trees, and one of the largest swimming pools on the island contribute to a memorable stay. As for those special occasions, there is a small chapel right above the property so look no further.

No doubt about it. Renting a swanky villa that is a breath away from an array of both famous and more secluded beaches, family-run taverns whose seafood and mezedes are beyond delicious, major sights, and the island’s vibrant night scene that one can experience when they choose to is invaluable when visiting Mykonos!

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Sarah Bailey
5 years ago

Oh my goodness this sounds like the most amazing place to go and stay. I’m all for a luxurious holiday, in a nice villa just getting to relax, yup that sounds like bliss.

5 years ago

It does look like a unique place. It definitely looks like you get your privacy too. I’d love to canoe or boat across that water.

Ruth I
Ruth I
5 years ago

This sounds like a great place to stay. I don’t always go on a luxurious trip but I’d love to experience it here!

5 years ago

I’ve never really been abroad… I’ve only been to Canada and Mexico to leave the country, but I want to go somewhere like this sooo bad!

Up Run for Life
5 years ago

I would love to go on a tropical destination one of these days. This sounds like a luxurious place to stay and soak up the sunshine. 🙂

5 years ago

My family is from Greece, but I’ve still never been to the Mediterranean. This is some serious bucket list research! So gorgeous.

Shannon Gurnee
5 years ago

I’ve never stayed in a villa before, but would love to experience it someday. Sounds like a great time!

majece majece
majece majece
5 years ago

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