Mommy Makeover Myth Buster


The topic came up concerning Mommy Makeovers and cosmetic surgery and we decided to di deeper. Apparently there is a lot of confusion surrounding this procedure, and we wanted to clear the air (if we can). You see, most people are under the assumption that you have to have had a baby to get one or that you need to get multiple surgeries or even that any Doctor can do it. Well the short answer is yes and no. I guess since you have gotten this far, you might as well hear the long answer and know what there is to know on the subject.

We decided to get our information from someone who knows the answers, Dr. Mathew Schulman M.D. who practices medicine in New York City. Dr. Matthew Schulman, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in New York, NY and has over 21 years of experience in the medical field. I want to say that not everyone that practices medicine can do reconstructive surgery. This just isn’t so. You need to become board certified in plastic surgery as well as in the medical field. Basically, you have to be double certified. Besides, you aren’t going to want a nose and throat Doctor to be giving you a Brazilian Butt Lift, right? If you want the job done right (which I know you do), you’ll want to go to a Doctor that has studied these procedures and has a proven track record.

3 Things to try before plastic surgery

So, let’s go over some of the Myths . Starting out with, “Only moms can get a Mommy Makeover.” Not true. The term, “Mommy Makeover” is just a term used to imply a few processes. Anyone who wants to make changes on their body by combining multiple surgeries into one operation can get what is referred to as a Mommy Makeover. And this goes for male or female. The phrase “Mommy Makeover” was coined initially because a lot of “Moms” wanted to correct the toll that their body had received due to carrying and bearing children. Don’t get all hung-up on the name.

Here’s another one, “Any Plastic Surgeon can perform a Mommy Makeover.” Although it is true that any Plastic Surgeon can perform a Tummy-Tuck and any Plastic surgeon can perform Lypo-Suction, but to say that any Plastic Surgeon can perform a Mommy Makeover just isn’t true. The complexities of doing multiple surgeries at the same time takes a highly skilled and experienced staff as well as an anesthesiologist who is familiar with multiple surgeries in one operation. I’m not a Doctor, but common sense tells me I want everyone involved to be experienced; to know the procedure and know how to perform it well, … long before I go into the room. I want it to be like a symphony being played by artists that have practiced the moves down to a science. I don’t want to be how the Doctor and staff learned what NOT to do.

as always,… take care, be safe, and I hope you find this helpful…


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5 months ago

Thanks for sharing the above content. I am a mom of 3, I think it would be helpful to me. I also found amazing coupons offer for the holiday season 2022.

Last edited 5 months ago by Linsa
4 months ago

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Anne Marie
Anne Marie
4 months ago

I have mixed feelings about cosmetic surgery. Don’t think I would ever go under the knife, but I definitely understand the benefit it offers to those who have been in an accident, have birth defects, etc. Interesting post!

Tara Pittman
4 months ago

A mommy makeover sounds like a nice thing. I am not sure that it is for me.

Fatima T
4 months ago

This comes at a great time when people are struggling to find the right surgeon or are scared of the horror stories you hear. Great way to break it down for anyone who is looking to do it this year.

4 months ago

This sounds like a really great thing. I don’t know if it’s something I would do, but it’s nice that there are options for everyone.

4 months ago

Thanks I wasn’t aware of what exactly a mommy makeover was. It’s a little more clear now.

Monica Simpson
Monica Simpson
4 months ago

I don’t judge women for getting a mommy makeover. I totally understand why some want to. I just am too much of a scaredy cat to go through surgery.

sara Tika
3 months ago

Admiring the hard work you put into your website and the in-depth information. I don’t have baby yet but still that really helpful for me. thanks for sharing informative content.

Joy root
1 month ago

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