Market Research Blunders to Avoid at All Costs


The need for knowledge and new strategies to grow your business is more than enough reason to conduct market research. But the sad reality is that many businesses are still skipping this crucial step. There’s no wonder why some brands fail to get ahead of their competitors and grow their business.

Big or small, your business can benefit from market research. You can use it to determine new business opportunities and see which new marketing strategies will work best for your brand. It can help you have a better understanding of your audience, determine competitors, and identify issues commonly faced by consumers. All these you can accomplish with the help of the different tools available, including survey research software.

But before you start your research, it pays to know the common mistakes one can make when conducting market research. Learn from the following mistakes and reap better results by avoiding them:

Not knowing what questions to ask

Before you even begin your research, make sure that you already know what questions to ask. There is no point in spending time, effort, and resources in market research if you don’t know what you’re looking for in the first place. Craft SMART end goals and determine your buyer persona. Split the questions you have come up with into topics and review the final draft with your team before finalizing them.

Shelling out big bucks

There is no rule telling you how much you should and shouldn’t spend when conducting market research. But if you fail to shop around and find a company that can help you with your research, then you could already be overspending without knowing it. You may be desperate to get hold of data, but you’ll want to get the best out of your buck.

Thinking you don’t need a competitive analysis

Some businesses choose to skipcompetitive analysis,thinking that this is just another added expense. Why focus on your competitors if you’re already ahead of the game? In reality, competitive analysis is a must-do for any business wanting to grow their brand. Knowing who your competitors are, what their market strategies are, and what their strengths and weaknesses are give you an undeniable advantage. If you wish to stay competitive, never take competitive analysis for granted.

Choosing just about any research instrument

In the past, one only had a few options to conduct research. Now, you can choose from several research tools available. There are tons of services to choose from that allow you to acquire valuable feedback quickly and efficiently. Know your goals, choose your target audience, and check which tool will best suit your market research needs.

Not utilizing your market research

Just because you’re done conducting the research doesn’t mean that you should already stop there. All your efforts will put to waste if you simply ignore the results. Even if the results of your research are nowhere near the answers you have wanted to achieve, don’t just simply disregard them. Share the information with your team and brainstorm on ways you can utilize the results best.

Do you wish to remove the guesswork when making the best decisions for your business? Do you want to keep up with your competitors? Want to start boosting your revenue? Then don’t ignore the power of market research.

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