Situations Where You Need an Employment Attorney


Getting just the right job that you love can be a big milestone in your life, but things do not always turn out the way you had hoped when it comes to employment. You may encounter difficulties during your interview, feel uncomfortable when asked to sign certain contracts and agreements you may not fully comprehend or even experience situations once you have the job that create a hostile work environment for you. There may come a time during your job where you feel you may need the help of a lawyer to sort things out. A number of situations can arise where you may find that having an employment attorney on your side can be beneficial, including:

1> Contracts and Agreements – if you have been offered a position at a company there may be occasions where you are asked to sign a particular contract. The contract can be long and confusing, written in legal language you may not fully understand and you want to be sure it is in your best interests to sign it. You may also be asked to sign a non-compete agreement as a condition of your employment. In situations like this, having a lawyer that can look over the documents and agreement for you, explain everything to you and make recommendations as to what you may want to be changed or whether it is fair for you to sign can make a big difference.

2> Discrimination – Unfortunately many people experience discrimination in different forms when they are job hunting and when they are at work. You may feel you are discriminated against during the interview process based on your gender, age or a disability that you may have and he employer taking judgment based solely on this and not your ability to do the job. The same thing can happen to you once you are employed and you can find yourself wrongly passed over for promotions, raises or increases in pay grade. A discrimination attorney can help you with any of these cases and may qualify you for a wrongful termination settlement.

3> Harassment – There may also be situations that arise at work where a co-worker makes unwanted sexual advances towards you or uses inappropriate language that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe while at work. They may put pressure on you or threaten your job status if you do not do favors for them. Getting a lawyer to help you with something like this can help you to get the situation stopped and get you damages for any pain and suffering that may have occurred.

Finding a good lawyer to help you with situations like this can make a big difference to you. If you find that you are in need of a Houston employment lawyer, make sure to call the firm of Khemka & Choudhary Houston Law to get the help you need. This law firm has the experience and insight into employment law to provide you with just the services you need so you can be sure that you get the fair and proper treatment you are entitled to.

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