How To Purchase Insurance As A Contractor


Signing a contract with any insurance company is not an easy process. The contractor needs to know the cover available to the type of business they run. They must plan the premiums to pay and the amount deductible. In some cases, contractors will feel overwhelmed and may not know what to do. This should not be the case. In this article, we focus on how contractors can buy an insurance cover.

  1. Assess their needs

The first thing the contractor should do is to assess their insurance risks. It will help them narrow their options to the most important ones. Look at the risks your employees are exposed to. Look at the equipment you have and list down those that you need to be protected. You can train your employees on important safety procedures but they will let you down at some point. Also, accidents are inevitable while moving the equipment from one place to another.  When they occur, you may end up losing the most precious equipment. It can bring your business to a halt.

  1. The reputation of the insurance company

The reputation of the insurance firm you are considering taking a cover with is critical. The ability of the insurer to get you to the level you were on before the occurrence of the peril is critical. Carry out some research before engaging the company. If it takes long before it replaces the equipment, it should not be contracted. Some companies are slow. So, they are bound to take long before they settle the claim. This is dangerous since it may keep you out of business for some time.  Once you identify two or three insurers, interview them and choose the most suitable one. It all depends on your needs. But choose insurance for general contractors if possible.

  1. Talking to the insurer

Once you have identified the perils, talk to the insurer to determine the level of risk they can accept. It determines the amount of money you pay as premium. They will also guide you on the level of coverage. It helps to avoid covering or under covering the risks.

  1. Look at the deductible

It is common sense that you will have to contribute some amount of money to pay for the premiums. If this amount is higher than what your business can afford, you may regret the decision. So, declaring all your deductibles can help the insurer decide the cover you can afford. Also, you need to consider the number of times you are likely to incur losses. The purpose of the cover is to ensure that your business is up and running at all times. So, having the equipment replaced as soon as it is written off is critical. 

At this point, you are ready to sign a contract with the insurance company of your choice. Ensure you carefully read their policy before appending your signature on the contract. Check and confirm that the company you have picked is reliable. It is key to a solid foundation that will help your company to grow.  Lastly, check if the company can allow you to reassess the risks and make the necessary adjustments. It can help prevent irreversible damage.

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Hello, I’m not a fan of insurance because I prefer to put my trust in Our Creator rather than corporations who do their best to overcharge and never payout even when they should. It is a decision each person must make for themselves.

Erika Bradey

Your recommendation to check the insurance company’s reputation so you can trust them to give you the level you need is a good idea. It might help to go online and read reviews and testimonials to know what previous clients say about their services. This could help with checking their reputation and while you’re online you could visit their website