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In our house, we have one kid who is a complete math geek and the other – well, let’s just say that math can’t hold his attention. While he typically keeps his grades up to passing, the enthusiasm just isn’t there. Homework is a battle every time he has math assignments. It really has been a struggle since Kindergarten to keep him engaged when it comes to math topics.

One of the best ways we have found to keep him interested and help him grasp challenging concepts in math is through learning games and apps. As avid gamers, my kids are going to be playing something at just about any given time so when we can add in some learning to the mix, I’m all for it!

Matific Galaxy can be used both on the computer or through an app on your phone or tablet. Phone and tablet access starts at a one-time payment of just $9.99 per grade. The desktop version costs a little more but offers great family discounts for families with more than one child that needs access.

I love the app version simply because we’re constantly on the go. Whether we’re out running errands or waiting between races at a long swim meet, he can get some math practice in while playing a fun math learning game. 

Matific Galaxy – Fun Math Learning Game

Matific Galaxy covers everything from simple Kindergarten level counting and basic addition and subtraction, all the way through 6th-grade fractions, ratios, and data analysis.  The activities are structured to be appealing to the typical age range of these grades and the content lines up with the math standards taught at each grade level in the US.

As your child completes a level, they’ll earn back the pixels that the villain stole from the friendly creatures. There is a set of game-based math activities in each planet level. As they progress through the planets the math activities become more advanced and challenging.

In addition to the virtual pixel rewards, they can also earn other prizes to dress up their favorite aliens with adorable accessories. Replay the levels to earn more prizes and of course, get extra practice. They also earn trophies as they achieve objectives and progress through the game.

Unlockable daily games keep things fresh and are a fun way to keep the learning going. These problem-solving challenges include multiple levels each day, providing plenty of play time.

Parent Resources in a Fun Math Learning Game

Parents can monitor progress through the app via the Parents’ Zone, which lets them know their child’s overall progress and the number of activities completed.

Parents can also send motivational messages to their children as they review their progress. Kids love that kind of feedback and it can give them a greater incentive to keep playing. 

Whether your child loves math and wants to advance their skills further or you need a fun math learning game to help motivate a child struggling with the subject, Matific Galaxy is a great choice!



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Shannan Powell is a mom of 3 boys, who has worked from home as a freelance writer and blogger since the birth of her middle son. Her spare time is spent volunteering with her son's swim team, reading, and binge watching random shows on Netflix.

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5 years ago

My son loves math. I bet he would be all about these games. Definitely going to check them out.

5 years ago

This is exactly the kind of thing that can help you keep your child interested in learning what can be arguably one of the hardest subjects in school for any age. I love it.

5 years ago

I love apps and games that make learning fun! My kids are somewhat reluctant about homework so I need the help!

5 years ago

What a great way for kids to learn math! It’s nice to find ways to encourage kids to work on their math skills.

Lisa Marie Heath
Lisa Marie Heath
5 years ago

My son just started 7th grade, but the 6th grade stuff might be good refresher content for him! He struggles with math, but is able to hold a decent (B) grade in the class.

Lori Bosworth
5 years ago

Isn’t that always the kid is good at math and the other one not so much. Looks like kids will enjoy using the Matific Galaxy game!

Ruth I
Ruth I
5 years ago

I will show this to my sister and have my niece try it. She love Math as well as problem solving games. I’m sure she will enjoy.

Bonnie G
Bonnie G
5 years ago

This looks like a really cute way to learn. I will have to check this out with my boy.

5 years ago

My kids would have loved this game when they were younger. It certainly would have made learning their math facts a lot easier and less of a battle for this mom.

5 years ago

Matific Galaxy seems to be a fun and useful at the same time. Maths is a topic that every kid needs to learn, but it is better to learn it in a easier way! My kid will love this!

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I used this game in my classroom during math center time, as a way for students to practice specific common core math skills individually.

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