Creating a Relaxing Family Home


Look around your home. Are there toys everywhere? Books are strewn around because your shelves can’t hold them? Tissues scattered about from all the back to school bugs? Washing hanging over every surface waiting to be washed/folded/put away? That’s before you even get to the kids running around shouting and the partner moaning about the kids running around shouting. Now, imagine a relaxing family home. A place where you feel calm and relaxed, where the kids can sit and do their homework in peace and everyone feels happy and settled. You can’t do it, can you?

Creating a Relaxing Family Home

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Well, the reality of a relaxing family home probably isn’t too different from the one you are sat in right now. When you’ve got kids, relaxing is never going to mean constantly neat and tidy, and it definitely won’t be quiet. You’re probably terrified of a quiet home, it almost always means they are doing something they shouldn’t be and there’s absolutely nothing relaxing about that.

So, how do we make an untidy and loud house more calm and relaxing? Let’s take a look.


The aroma can have a huge effect on mood and atmosphere. doTERRA oils can be used to set the tone of your home. Before bed, try diffusing some lavender to help everyone sleep and use lemon or rosemary in the mornings to help everyone wake up feeling refreshed. You may find that doTERRA products like these can improve everyone’s mood and help create a harmonious and relaxing atmosphere.

Natural Light

Natural light is another great way to calm everything down. Try to keep your walls light and open your curtains as soon as the sun comes up. If it’s warm enough, open the windows a little to let some fresh air in.


Do you find you turn the TV on in the morning, only for absolutely no one to watch it? The kids want it on, but then end up playing and not giving it any attention. But, you don’t like things too quiet so you leave it on for background noise. Instead, turn the radio or some relaxing music on.


Yes, kids and families have a lot of stuff. But, they also amass an awful lot of clutter that they don’t really need.  The letters from school, broken toys, worn out clothes and empty bottles and packages all start to mount up. Spend a weekend decluttering. Be ruthless. Donate or sell anything you can and throw away or recycle anything else. Decluttering in itself can be very soothing, but looking at a clutter-free home can improve your mood significantly.

Give Everything a Home

Now you’ve decluttered, you should be able to find a home for everything that’s left. Make sure the kids have got adequate storage space to make it easier to tidy up. Then, install some clever storage to keep things out of the way and make the most of your space.


When it’s cold outside, it’s tempting to spend your free time tucked up at home watching TV or playing on computers and devices. However, this almost always leads to grumpiness and frustration. Try to get everyone out for a few hours to burn off some energy or at least spend some time doing things together at home.

A relaxing and stress-free home is a happy home. Just don’t let yourself get hung up on the mess and noise; it’s not important really.

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