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Have you heard of Lysol Tap Top Multipurpose Cleaner?  It’s so easy to use that even my 17 year old daughter loves it.  Lysol has always been known to clean up the mess, but now with the Tap Top Multipurpose Cleaner, it’s even easier.

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Sarah will use it all day.  She cleaned her dresser top off with it, and it’s sparkling clean now.  All the makeup and hairspray that was caked on, came off with a breeze.  Lysol is so smart, they made a powerful cleaner, without a strong smell, and cleans so quickly and easily.  She didn’t even put any elbow into it, she cleaned the dresser, with ease, by just simply wiping with a paper towel.  It came off so briskly.  It’s really a miracle that all the years of makeup on there, came off so quickly.


Lysol Tap Top is so easy to use, just 1 Tap and you’ve got the power of Lysol in your hands.  I’ve also used it on the countertop, and it came remarkably clean.  Stuff that I never thought would come off, came up with no problem.  I love this stuff.  Just wish my daughter would leave it alone.  haha.

With Lysol TapTop, a clean & healthy kitchen is at your fingertips!

We wipe the counter countless times a day, however germs might still be there.

Introducing new Lysol TapTop- a product that Powers Your Swipe with its hydrogen peroxide formula. Now your every touch up clean kills 99.9% of germs.*

We are proud to be partnering with Brawny paper towels this year and recommend to use them with Tap Top to power your swipe!

Additionally, the hydrogen peroxide formula cleans better than bleach without leaving harsh chemical residue.**

Power Your Swipe in three easy steps:

1) Grab a paper towel

2) Tap the top once

3) Wipe to clean and disinfect

We will also be having a giveaway for a canister of Lysol Tap Top.  So make sure you are ready to enter.

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