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Baby monitors come in all shapes and sizes. Many now come with a video option that makes keeping an eye on your child a sync. As many parents know, when you’re away from your child it’s nerve-racking and stressful. When you have to leave your baby with a sitter it’s nice to have a way to check up while you’re out and about. Now I have tried a few of the popular baby monitors and I have to say; The Gynoii Smart Baby Monitor has everything and more than I expect. Many people might be reluctant to try it (its $129.99, and is well worth it). Honestly, I am glad I got the opportunity to try the Gynoii with my child. One of the many reasons I love this monitor is because it allows me to play a lullaby after my baby wakes up crying. It even sends a Push notification to your smartphone!


Also another feature that Gynoii has integrated is Wi-Fi connectivity over the standard 2.4 GHz. What this allows is a much stronger signal for you to view from, and mobile capability. As if that wasn’t enough it’s packed with all sorts of things to make watching my baby easy. Equipped with an infrared camera, motion and sound sensors, time lapse and regular video recording, and a two way talk option. I greatly appreciate the ability to share those special moments on Facebook and Twitter with a simple touch of a button. One thing I want to speak on separately is the Time lapse baby journal feature. I think this function is what sets the Gynoii apart from the rest. I think it’s great that I can take a time-lapse of playtime or nap time to share with friends and family. I’m not sure how long of a video you can take, I tried looking at the manufacture website and they don’t give a time limit. However my Gynoii has 3GBs and was able to obtain 3 hours of video before it stopped. In the box you will find a few different mounts. One for the wall, and the other can attach to a crib, bassinet, and playpen and about anything else the clip fits on. The setup is super simple and takes about 5 minutes. All said and done it’s a pretty awesome tool for any parent. If you are looking for a baby monitor the Gyonii is one hat I would highly recommend for great memories in the long run. 


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This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.


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8 years ago

Great Article! Thank you for sharing!!!