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Part of a young child’s learning and discovering experience is creating. By making things, your child learns hands-on lessons in problem-solving, learns lessons in a more memorable way, and of course, discovers new life-skills that will accompany her into adulthood.

Sewing is a life skill that everyone should have. While not everyone will learn to master a sewing machine, pattern making, and advanced skills, the ability to navigate a needle and thread is an important one.

The Monster Sewing Workshop Kit in the Discovery Store will allow your child to master the basic skills while creating a favorite keepsake to hold and treasure with pride.

“Learn to sew by making a funny lovable little monster that only a mother or father could love. The full-color manual explains the basic techniques involved in hand sewing and offers various design suggestions for creating your own stuffed monsters. With a wide variety of printed fabrics, felt, thread, stuffing, and other materials, create unique and personalized monsters that you can keep for yourself or unleash on your friends.”

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 This fun kit includes everything you need to get creative. It’s not just another “here’s what I did, now you do it too” kit. It’s a “here are the skills, now use your imagination” kit. And that’s what’s so perfect about it.


My son is too young to really create his own words yet, but he loves identifying letters and pointing them out. 

The Melissa & Doug Alphabet Stamp Set is perfect for that! It’s a top quality stamp set with upper-case and lower-case letters, plus punctuation, and a four-color stamp pad for him to play around with.

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It’s perfect for practicing the alphabet, and s durable enough to last him well into the writing stage. The possibilities are endless – use it to practice building words, create letter-matching activities for preschoolers, create cards and signs, and more. Your child will love this hands-on approach to the alphabet, embedding it in his brain for much longer!


The Discovery Store features solutions and options for children with imagination! Their craft kits teach practical life skills, build self-esteem, and provide an outlet for your creative child. Their toys include educational and creative options to help your child learn and remember.

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This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.

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7 years ago

good articel.. now i can make something unique

7 years ago

Awesome post! A very good step-by-step guide especially for a beginner like me. It’s your information, thank you for making it easy and very detailed. I’ll questions for some here, if I need help, hope that’s okay.

7 years ago

Thank you so much for this article here i am glad to know more about this because it will helps a lot in future . So please keep update like this

Psychic Nest
7 years ago

Hi Menucha,

What a great post! I love the monster sewing kit, it is something I want to definitely look up to and even give it a gift. Thank you!