Last Minute Dinner Party Disasters And How To Solve Them


There’s nothing that feels as prestigious as hosting your own dinner party. You can show off in front of the guests, amaze and inspire with your tales and wow with some amazingly prepared dishes.

Despite the grandeur of all the above, things can, and will go wrong. There will always be kinks and issues in the preparation of every dinner party, and while some may very well be minor, there are a few problems that can scupper an evening.

Oven Breakdown:fatjoe1

(Photo by Clifton Raffel)

Ideally, everyone’s oven will be perfect and work fine on every occasion, but due to the stresses of modern life (constant meal preparation for the entire family on a daily basis, etc..) ovens sometimes fail.

Now, that’s a real problem. No bones about it. But not if you’re cooking fish or vegetables.

Enter the dishwasher.

A tightly sealed dishwasher can efficiently steam food, making it perfect for salmon and greens. Just ensure your food is closely wrapped in foil! Bagging the vegetables in cooking bags and cooking them in the dishwasher also ensures that the flavors that are sometimes lost while boiling are retained.

In fact, maybe you want to forgo the oven entirely the next time you cook salmon?

Wine, But No Corkscrew:fatjoe2

(Photo by Lindsey Turner)

It’s easy to get overexcited, rush ahead with the plan and prep for your dinner party and forget the essentials.

Not the wine, though, no-one will forget the wine at all! No-one in their right mind anyway. However, especially for those hosting a housewarming dinner party, the lack of a corkscrew can present a huge obstacle to the enjoyment of an evening. There’s no reason to panic, though, opening a wine bottle without a corkscrew is an impressive party trick and a great icebreaker.

It’s a possibility that you may never need to buy a corkscrew again because of the many ways one can open the bottle without it. It’s far more appealing, isn’t it?

Red Wine Spillage:fatjoe3

(Photo by Graham Norrie)

Now you’ve got your wine open, a new issue appears. Most table linens of choice are of the variety, and every dinner party needs a good red wine. Can you see the problem?

A few glasses down, it becomes easier to knock the bottle all over the table staining the linen in the process and ruining a perfectly good tablecloth!

There’s no need to order a new one though. Despite alcohol being the problem, it’s also the answer. A white wine can cover the stain very effectively. Just make sure the spill isn’t gigantic!

Soufflé Collapse:fatjoe4

(Photo by JH Tan)

Soufflé is a much-feared dessert and for good reason. The potential of the dish deflating is high and unexpected. The dish can be mastered quite easily, but that doesn’t stop issues arising. So, if you’re afraid of soufflé collapse, you can prepare in advance with a number of tips to prevent disaster. However, if disaster does rear its ugly face, a really good fix is to simply order a dessert takeout to be delivered, pronto. Maybe you can pass it off as your own?

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