Tips: Writing a Research Paper on Parenting Styles


When you study psychology or pedagogical sciences, you can choose the problem of parenting styles for research paper writing. This topic is quite broad and uncommon in as much as no one knows about the ideal style of bringing up. One can develop his genuine concepts related to the specific parenting style and present his thoughts in a professional academic research paper. Below you can find several pieces of advice that can help you organize your paper in the appropriate way.alex1

Method #1: Prepare for Writing

  • Action One: Study the Existing Findings. A research paper is supposed to be based on the results of research of numerous scholars. Read books, encyclopedias and articles in scientific journals and the Internet to learn about the current condition of the problem of parenting styles. What do the modern authors write about this topic? What is their attitude to the older publications? Are there any authoritative authors whose point of view is respected? It is useful to find ‘classic’ authors who analyzed and described parenting styles long ago and whose opinion is indisputable. Every discipline has such honorable experts. Psychology and pedagogy have them too. When you understand the current situation of your academic topic, you can evaluate your chances to produce something innovative and useful. Are there any holes in the theory of parenting styles? What can be added? What can be changed or improved?
  • Action Two: Read And Make Notes. Your following step is to read as many sources as possible and accumulate facts about parenting styles. When you read books, you learn about the issue more. You become wise and generate many new ideas unconsciously. Reading an article about parenting, you begin inventing counterarguments and alternative solutions. Therefore, careful reading not only helps you accumulate knowledge but also encourages your brains to work intensively. Do not forget to make notes while reading your sources. It will help you avoid omitting any considerable facts. You will possess everything at hand. Be sure you note the titles of sources and pages, because every quotation and inspiration should be cited carefully.

Method #2: Make a Project of Your Research

  • Action One: Make a Detailed Outline. Before you start writing your project, you will need to show its outline to your academic adviser. Your professor is expected to approve the concept of your research and allow you to write it. When you read enough about parenting styles, you are ready to build an approximate structure of your future project in your head. Most often, students start with the general information about parenting and its styles in the introductory chapter. Then, they continue their research more specifically. They conduct primary research applying various statistical methods (for example, testing, questioning, etc.) and analyze different couples and their models of bringing up children. This information is analyzed and discussed in the following sections. Generally, the entire research paper consists of several chapters. Every part is devoted to the particular parenting style and its discussion. The final sections are discussion, conclusion and bibliography.
  • Action Two: Collect Solid Bibliography. You are supposed to use at least 20 sources for your investigation. Choose the books and periodicals attentively and wisely. Do not add useless positions to your bibliography if they do not have anything to do with parenting styles.

Method #3: Start Writing

  • Action One: Make an Introduction. The first several pages of your research should be devoted to introduction. This section clarifies the purpose and the main objective of writing. You need to explain the choice of this topic and prove the relevance of the problem of parenting styles. Say what you expect to achieve with the help of your investigation. Every introduction also contains a thesis statement that reflects the idea of the whole assignment.
  • Action Two: Write the Main Sections. Now you should fulfill your main duty and observe parenting and its styles in detail. It is reasonable to divide your paper into several chapters and devote one parenting style to one chapter. Focus on the author’s ideas concerning the problem. Analyze every style from the theoretical and practical side. Compare different ideas of different authors and choose your side. You can beat their arguments with your counter arguments supported by the reliable sources. Bear in mind that you can introduce your own concept of parenting style when you analyze the existing ones. You can share your ideas with the reader about the possible improvement of the existing styles for as much every approach towards bringing up has many minuses. Demonstrate your creativity and sharp mind to the reader.
  • Action Three: Conclude Your Research. When you complete your original research paper about parenting styles, you ought to conclude it wisely. Enumerate and analyze your findings. Evaluate their usefulness for the discipline. Do they help you solve the problem of parenting styles? What can be done to improve your research? Say about the weaknesses of your paper and provide other scholars with the instructions that will help them analyze this topic better.

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