Cosmetic Dentist or General Dentist – Who Should I See?


Do you need dental help either to treat discomfort or to beautify your teeth? Are you struggling to determine who you should see to improve your smile? If so, you may be confused by the number of dentists and their specializations listed online or in your telephone book. Most dentists are either general practice dentists or ones who specialize in cosmetic dentistry, and some such as Union Square Dental perform specific cosmetic dentistry procedures as well as general dentistry. To know who you should see, first learn about what a general dentist does before finding out when you should choose cosmetic dentistry instead.

A general dentist is who you turn to for regular oral examinations, basic teeth cleanings and standard dental procedures, such as extractions, fillings and root canals. He or she can inspect your mouth with x-rays and other aids, remove destructive plaque from your teeth, give oral cancer screenings and protect your teeth from future damage using fluoride and sealants. While you should be seeing a dentist twice per year, you may want to choose a cosmetic dental professional if you fall into one of the following categories.

When You Want More Than the Basics

If you need more than basic dental procedures, cosmetic dentistry can be the answer for you. Cosmetic dentistry is a specialty within the dental field, and it is reserved for professionals who want to dedicate themselves to increasing the beauty and health of the teeth and the entire mouth. While basic dental care can help keep you healthy, cosmetic dental care can increase your confidence and self-esteem.

When You Want Optimum Oral Health

Of course, basic cleanings can remove plaque and tartar and thus improve the health of your oral cavity. However, many patients who undergo cosmetic dentistry treatments are highly motivated to care for their teeth in the best possible way and thus often have better oral health than do those who do not have cosmetic treatments. After your cosmetic dental procedure, you will most likely feel more inspired to floss and brush as recommended and to seek out regular dental examinations and treatments in the future to maintain your beautiful look. Additionally, cosmetic dentistry can help to protect the health of all of your teeth. Whether you are having a cracked tooth fixed or a crown placed, these treatments can decrease the chance of future decay in the mouth and improve your chances of keeping your teeth for the rest of your life.

When You Want to See a Specialist

Whether you were referred to a cosmetic dental professional through your general dentist or are seeking one out on your own, you will quickly find that this is a specialization within the world of dentistry. Your cosmetic dental professional will have gone through more training, including continuing education than your general dentist did. He or she will most likely have met higher qualifications on the state level to be in this position. This specialist will be able to walk you through every step of your care process, ensuring that a care plan is uniquely created for you and that you have a functional, beautiful smile at the end of treatment.

When You Want to Feel Proud of Your Smile

If you feel embarrassed about your smile because your teeth are discolored, cracked, chipped, crooked or missing, cosmetic dentistry is definitely the right choice for you. This professional can provide a wide array of treatments to make your teeth symmetrical, white, and perfect-looking. For example, most of these professionals provide crowns, braces, Invisalign, and veneers. They can also correct gaps in the teeth as well as overbites and underbites. If you have lost a tooth or have a tooth that needs to be removed, this professional can provide amazing implants that look just like your other teeth door can create a natural-looking bridge. Because they are specialists, they typically provide better results than a general dentist would.

When You Want Someone Dedicated to Artistry and Beauty within the Mouth

While general dentistry is mainly for basic oral health, cosmetic dentistry focuses mostly on oral aesthetics. The goal of a good cosmetic dental professional is to help your smile look as good as possible and to help you feel genuinely proud of your smile so that you want to show it off everywhere you go.

As you can see, there are certainly times when your general dentist will be able to give you the treatments and attention that you need, but there are other times when a cosmetic dental professional will be a better option. He or she has the experience and education necessary to enhance your smile no matter how it currently looks. From crowns and veneers to braces and teeth bleaching, this professional can get your teeth straight, smooth, white, symmetrical and altogether beautiful.

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