It’s All Relative: How to Make Special Memories at a Reunion


Did you know that summer is the most popular time to host a family reunion? Why not gather your family members together this summer and start making some special memories? 

Making memories at a reunion will come naturally, but we’re here with a few ideas to inspire you. Read on to learn how to make and capture special memories at your next reunion.

Take Photos

This is by far the best way to capture memories at your family reunion. Take plenty of photos!

There are a few ways you can go about this, and we recommend mixing and matching. There’s no such thing as having too many photos, after all, and you want to capture as many moments as possible.

First, consider investing in professional family photography. You’ll end up with high-quality photos that you can treasure for a lifetime. Professional photos are suitable for large prints, so they make great decorations.

For a fun way to capture memories, leave a camera or two around the reunion. We recommend disposable cameras for extra nostalgia and fun (and because they’re safe for children to use without breaking). 

You won’t know what’s on the cameras until it’s time to develop them. You might have silly photos, photos taken from child-height, fun selves, and more.

Most of the photos will be candid, meaning they’ll capture the true “essence” of the reunion. 

If you really want to upgrade your reunion, you could also take reunion videos. While it’s not as popular to revisit home videos anymore, phones make it easier than ever to record them. Don’t miss out. 

Play Fun Games

Regardless of how old the people at your reunion are, games are the perfect activities. 

Set up silly outdoor games like giant Jenga and cornhole. They’re accessible enough for adults and children alike and they’ll fire up everyone’s competitive spirit. You can also do more active games, like a 3-legged race. 

Why not do a family scavenger hunt? This is another great way to incorporate photos.

Have family members work in teams to go find locations or objects designated by clues. When they find the location or object, they have to take a photo of themselves. 

Make sure there’s a prize for the group that finishes first!

Make a Time Capsule

A time capsule won’t only help you make memories; it will also help you save them for future generations. 

When you invite people to the reunion, tell them to bring something special that they’re willing to part with (at least for the time being). If they don’t have an object, they can write a letter or make a small art piece for the capsule.

After you get your professional photos from the photoshoot back or develop your own photos, put several of those in the box as well. 

Put everything into a secure container and put it in a safe place for the next family reunion. It will be nice to look back on all of those memories. 

Make and Capture Special Memories at Your Next Reunion

Use these tips to make and capture special memories of your family members during your next family reunion. You’ll have memories that you can treasure for decades to come.

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