5 Reasons Why a Deep House Cleaning Checklist Benefits Your Family


When was the last time you deep cleaned your house? If your answer is “a while ago,” you’re not alone. Floor scrubbing, grout cleaning, and fixture dusting and other deep cleaning tasks don’t get done as often as they should. 

Cleaning your home doesn’t have to be difficult. There is a way to handle deep cleaning tasks with ease, and that’s with a deep house cleaning checklist.

If you’ve never made a deep house cleaning checklist, don’t worry. We’ll go over all of the details and benefits that will help you kickstart your daily cleaning routine.

Benefits of a Deep House Cleaning Checklist

Deep house cleaning checklists help you compartmentalize each cleaning task in an actionable way. No one is expecting you to deep clean a house in a few hours. A checklist helps keep you and your family accountable a few times a year and makes deep cleaning less overwhelming. 

Not only does a checklist help organize your cleaning routine, but it also gives you a better sense of accomplishment. Checking off a task on a checklist makes your brain feel more productive

How to Make a Deep House Cleaning Checklist

Before you begin, grab a piece of paper or boot up a document creation software on your computer. These tips will help you get started, but feel free to get creative with your checklist!

Divide Your Home Into Sections

Creating a long unorganized checklist is more overwhelming than creating a checklist with bite-sized sections. Think about all of the areas in your home that need attention. You can choose to sort your list by room or area—it’s up to you!

Next, make a list of pain points within each area. For example, your checklist for your bedroom may include your cleaning out your closet, polishing fixtures, and wiping down your nightstand. Draw little squares or circles next to each sub-section so you can easily mark them as done later.

Deep cleaning should happen several times a year. To help narrow down your deep cleaning tasks even further, divide your tasks by season. For example, you should plan on deep cleaning your gutters and patio space during a warmer season.

Gamify Your Checklist

Gamification means rewarding completed tasks, which is a helpful motivation tool for families. Gamifying your task list and setting goals helps motivate your entire family to get involved in a deep cleaning routine. 

Rely on Help When You Need It

When a deep cleaning task becomes out of control or too much to handle, don’t hesitate to hire help. There are plenty of housekeeping services and professional carpet cleaners available that take care of difficult deep cleaning tasks. Handing off difficult tasks will make your checklist less daunting.

Clean With a Plan

Cleaning your house doesn’t have to be an arduous ordeal. With the help of a deep house cleaning checklist, and extending “spring cleaning” into seasonal cleaning, you can have your entire house spotless in no time. 

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