Is Money An Appropriate Engagement Gift for Sister


It is only natural to wonder whether or not giving money is appropriate as a gift. For some it can feel rather impersonal, but it can actually be the opposite. The key is to understand that various factors can play into whether or not this type of gift is acceptable given the specific situation.

One thing you should ask yourself is how close you are to the person that you are considering giving money as an engagement gift. For example, if you are merely an acquaintance of the person, it may not be a good idea to give such a gift. Instead, you should inquire as to whether or not they have a gift registry. That way you know that the gift that you are giving is something that they actually want. However, if they are a close family member, such as a brother, sister or someone that you know very well, then the gift of money can be not only appropriate, but something that you might know that they need more than material items. In other words, money can be both a great engagement gift for sister and at the same time might not be a good idea , all depending upon your particular relationship – how close you were as kids and whether you have maintained that closeness as you have transitioned your lives into adulthood.

Another way to know whether or not this is a good gift idea for them is by asking them what they really want. This is especially true when it comes to your sister. In most cases you likely have a relatively close relationship with them and know their personal situation. By asking them what it is that they really need you are showing them that you truly care about them and want them to have the best experience in this important time in their life. There is not much that means more to people than knowing that they are being looked after by those that love them.

In knowing their situation you likely know what their future plans and goals are and where they stand financially. By giving them a gift of money you could be helping to relieve the financial burden of buying a home, making payments on the wedding venue or even giving them a little extra cushion for their next move in life. Carefully consider what you know about their situation and what would best benefit them. If they already have most of their needs met then a financial gift can really be exactly what they could use at this time.

You should also consider their relationship with money. For some it can be an insult to receive money while others do not have any concerns with it at all. This is because some people will assume that the gift giver believes they are not financially stable. Take some time to think about things that your sister has said in the past about how they view the gift giving process. If you know that they have seen as being rude or even lazy in the past, then clearly it is something that you would want to avoid.

The more you know about the person you wish to give money the better. The more thought you put into it, the less likely it is that you will offend them.

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