Innovative CBD: 5 Essential Ways to Consume CBD


The market for CBD, or cannabidoil, is rapidly growing. Around 22.2 million Americans use cannabis and related products. 

Fans of CBD advocate for its benefits, including relieving pain, stress and difficulty sleeping. But there are many ways to consume CBD, rather than vaporizing or inhalation. 

Check out the guide below and read the 5 ways for innovative CBD consumption to get the most enjoyment out of this popular product. 

Ingestion and CBD Edibles 

Part of the growing market is CBD edibles by adding CBD to food and beverages. CBD oils can be added to coffee drinks, smoothies and juices. For food consumption, it’s been added to things like baked goods, CBD gummies, and even full meals. 

You can usually find these types of CBD infused edibles wherever CBD products are sold. After you inject the edibles, it’ll digest and enter into your bloodstream. The process is usually around two hours to feel the effects.  

But if you would rather not taste or inject CBD at all, there are several alternative methods of consumption. 

Topical CBD Consumption in Creams and Lotions

If you’re main goal for CBD is for pain relief, topical consumption can be very effective. Applying CBD oil cream or lotion to a sore muscle or painful joint can help bring down inflammation and relieve the pain. 

Topical CBD products are absorbed into your skin and can help with pain in specific areas of the body. These can take longer for you to feel the effects, but will also last for around 5 hours. 

Similarly, you can use CBD patches for targeted issues. 

Transdermal Consumption with CBD Patches

Skin patches have a different method than lotions of releasing CBD into the body. CBD patches go through the skin and enter the bloodstream, while being activated by body heat. 

This will release CBD in small doses over the course of a few hours. So if you’re looking for a faster way to feel the effects of CBD, patches and creams may not be the right method, but there are still more options available. 

Consuming CBD Under the Tongue with Tinctures

A tincture is similar to CBD oil and you can use a dropper to put either under your tongue. Tinctures usually contain more ingredients, like vinegar or artificial flavoring. Whereas CBD oil usually includes only a carrier oil like coconut or hemp seed oil. 

The effects of this type of CDB consumption usually happen in less than an hour, sometimes as fast as 30 minutes. 

Inhaling CBD Oil by Vaping

The first method of CBD consumption might be the most popular. Vaping CBD oil allows it to enter the bloodstream through the lungs, and also has a very quick effect, but also doesn’t last very long. 

Vaping CBD oil is regularly done through a CBD oil pen that can be inhaled. Another method is smoking dried CBD flower. 

Choose the Right Innovative CBD Method of Consumption for You

Depending on why you’re taking CBD oil and the effect you are hoping to gain, any of these methods of consumption might be right for you. 

Finding the right innovative CBD method of consumption means researching and testing to get the desired effects. Leave a reply below and let us know which method works for you!

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3 years ago

I have heard that using CBD together with Vaping works the fastest, as the smoke is quickly delivered throughout the body. Also, it may be useful for you to read the article where to buy CBD to understand how to search for CBD correctly

CBD Infused Products
3 years ago

Very informative, thanks!

Hit Liverson
Hit Liverson
3 years ago

Our family constantly uses marijuana oils to treat phantom pain. My grandmother suffers from multiple sclerosis and SBD helps us cope with the possible consequences. I am very glad that such blogs help to learn about different types of cannabis and its effects for our body.