A Comprehensive Guide to Getting Back in Shape After Baby


One of the downsides of bringing home a new bundle of joy is that you’re likely to take home a few extra pounds as well. A survey of 7,000 moms found that over 60% were still struggling to lose some of their pregnancy weight gain by their child’s first and second birthdays.

Getting back in shape after baby arrives is not an easy goal especially with all of the responsibility that comes with caring for your child. Here are some tips to help your body bounce back after pregnancy.

Start Slowly

After giving birth, you can’t expect to go right back into the same exercise routine you had before getting pregnant. Your body needs some time to recuperate, and this can take longer if you’ve had a C-section.

If you had a pregnancy and vaginal delivery that went smoothly, you can generally begin exercising again after a few days. If there were complications or you delivered your baby via C-section, talk to your doctor about when you can resume physical activity again.

When you do exercise, start slowly. You may be out of shape from not working out for several months. Walking, yoga, lifting light weights, and stretching will help strengthen your body without injuring muscles.

As your strength improves, you can ease yourself into more strenuous physical activity. You’ll want to combine cardiovascular exercise with strength-training moves to help build muscle and boost your metabolism.

Practice Kegel And Pelvic Tilt Exercises

Performing pelvic tilt and kegel exercises help improve blood flow to the pelvis and tighten the vaginal area after giving birth. Pelvic tilts are also a great way to begin strengthening your abdominal, back, and upper thigh muscles and get going on an exercise routine. They only require a few minutes per day so you can easily squeeze them in even on busy days.

With your doctor’s OK, you can begin doing both types of exercises right after the baby arrives.

Try To Get Enough Sleep

This tip is easier said than done as caring for a baby often means losing sleep. However, sleep deprivation messes with the hormones that regulate appetite. This can cause you to crave sugary, carbohydrate-heavy food that will pack on more pounds.

Getting a good night’s sleep is also essential for dealing with stress and to ensure you have enough energy to work out. Our bodies also help repair muscles during the deepest sleep stages, which is why getting enough rest is important when you work out regularly.

If needed, try to squeeze in a nap during the day when your baby is sleeping to give yourself an energy boost.

Enlist Help To Make Time For Exercise

Being able to exercise when you have a baby often means reaching out for help. If you can enlist your partner or another family member or friend to care for your baby, take advantage of the free time by squeezing in exercise. Consider hiring a sitter or joining a health club that features a daycare so you can concentrate on getting a workout.

Eat Enough Protein

Eating protein with every meal will help you feel satisfied in between meals and less likely to reach for a snack. Protein takes time for the body to digest while it provides energy, keeps blood sugar levels stable, and improves metabolism.

Try to focus on adding sources of lean protein into your diet such as skinless chicken and turkey, fish, tofu, grass-fed beef, cheese, yogurt, and eggs. Lean protein delivers a powerful energy punch without extra saturated fat and calories.

Squeeze In Ways Of Keeping Fit

If you have a busy day ahead where you know you won’t have time to work out, you can still squeeze in exercise throughout the day. Try doing a few squats while brushing your teeth or knocking out some ab reps while the baby is sleeping. Park farther away than you normally would when running errands to force yourself to take more steps.

These moves may sound insignificant, but when you do them over the course of a day they add up and count towards overall fitness.

Include Your Baby In Physical Activity

Invest in a jogging stroller so that you can bring your baby along with you when walking or running. Or sign up for “mommy and me” exercise classes that incorporate babies into the workout—besides getting fit, you’ll bond further with your child and socialize with other parents.

Consider joining a Meetup group for other moms that focuses on exercising and other physical activities together. Working out with other moms and forming new friendships can motivate you to stick with a recurring exercise routine.

Get a Little Extra Help From a Fan Melting Treatment

If you’ve been following a healthy, balanced diet and exercising regularly after having a baby but are finding it impossible to lose those last few stubborn pounds, consider receiving a fat-melting treatment such as CoolSculpting. This non-invasive treatment targets fat with cold temperatures to “freeze” them so your body can eliminate them naturally.

Does CoolSculpting work? There are studies that back the science behind it up. Other treatments that use heat to dissolve fat are slowly making their way into beauty spas as well.

Getting Back In Shape After Baby Arrives Is Possible

It’s important to remember that getting back in shape after baby arrives is no different than reconditioning your body after you haven’t worked out in a while. Just remember to take it easy at first to get your muscles used to being worked again.

For more help staying in shape after having a baby, check out our latest food and drink posts for healthy eating tips.

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