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You must have searched the internet and applied all the rules of Feng Shui to bring happiness and prosperity in your home, but none of them seem to work. What can be the reason? Well, even with all the efforts you put in your home to make it a peaceful and pleasant place to live, you somehow attract negative Chi in your house. 
Chi energy can generate in rooms where there is a lot of traffic of outsiders. We are clearly talking about the living room, where your guests or outsiders sit and talk. They can also bring negative chi into your home. So, how to get rid of all these negative energies that have accumulated in your home and causing obstructions and stress in your life? In this article, we’ll focus on providing some effective tips and remedies that will help you to get rid of Sha Chi and Si Chi in your living room before they affect your life.
Remedies to getting Rid of Negative Energies From Your Living Room 
Keep The Living Room Fresh and Bright 
A lot of people do not care about opening windows and doors of the living room, especially during winters. This can attract and accumulate a lot of negative energy. Your first task in the morning should be to clean your living room and open the curtains to allow sunlight and fresh air to enter the room. This is a great way to welcome natural Yang energy in your home. The sunlight will wash away all negative Chi from your living room. 
Clear and Get Clutter-Free
If you are a Feng Shui user, you must be aware of the significance of a clutter-free house. This is the first and most important principle of Feng Shui. Even if you have cleaned your home thoroughly at the beginning of the Feng Shui process, you must not forget that clutter accumulates and grow every time in the home. Plan a clutter-free campaign and take out all the things that you no longer in your living room. Get rid of old and worn out cushion covers, clean the stubborn corners of your sofa and seaters with a handheld vacuum cleaner and make sure you don’t leave any corner of the room unattended. 
Purify The Room With Saffron Once A Week
We understand that you might not get time to purify your home every day. So, the best alternative is to run a purification process once a week to make sure all the negative energies are kept at bay. You can use Saffron to purify your home as this is one of the most potent spices that helps to eliminate the effects of Chi in your home brought in by your guests and outsiders. 
Keep South-West Bright
Southwest is not considered to be an auspicious direction. Thus, it is important to keep this part of your living room fresh, alive and bright. You can pick any of the Feng Shui color schemes that are best suitable for a south-west wall. For instance: painting the south-west wall of your living room is considered to be ideal. But, if you recently got your home renovated, then it can be difficult to play with colors again. In such a situation, you can consider using bright lamps in this corner to energize the Yang energy.


Having a living room, or entire home, that you are comfortable with and happy in is very important. Use to find the help you need for Feng Shui and other home improvement ideas, supplies, and help.


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