Importance of toys for the growth of your child’s mind


Toys are timeless educational tools that help children learn about the world around them in a fun and hands-on way. They are fun to play with and foster important skills such as gross and fine motor coordination, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. Additionally, a study about the cognitive differences between block builders found a considerable difference between the mental ages of those who were building just for fun and those who were building to solve a set of instructions.

Parents have a lot on their plates. Between work, school, and personal time, there is little to no room left for thinking about the toys they can buy for their kids. But if you are looking to improve your child’s mind, think no further because LEGO figures are for your child.


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What makes kids learn? Is it nature, or is it nurture? Well, the ideal answer is both. Kid learns and thrives when they are nurtured and given the right environment to channel that learning effectively. Children need to be given certain toys and materials from early childhood to help them learn everything from coordinating their hands, eyes, legs, etc., with their brain function to seeing and hearing effectively. This, in turn, enriches their interaction with other peers developing certain skills that will be useful later in life.

Motor skills

Your child’s motor development is an important milestone in their physical development. Fine motor skills refer to how well kids can use their small muscles to grip small objects and manipulate them. It is also known as the “small muscles, “prehension skills,” or “finger dexterity.” Young children develop motor skills at a breakneck pace. However, it eventually slows down around 2 years of age. If your child doesn’t develop motor skills by the time they are in kindergarten, then there may be a problem with their development.

Creative skills

Every child is a genius. The problem is, we suppress their creativity and pretend that they are not. This is the very reason why art programs in schools are being cut left and right. Our children face a future of mindless jobs, and they’ll have to rely on us to help them reclaim their creative spark. 

In addition to the importance of toys for infant and toddler development, it’s important to have toys available for older children that help inspire creativity. Creative thinking is one of the most important skills a child can develop; not just because they can then come up with ideas for fun things to do with their family, but because creative thinkers are more successful in every area of life—at work, in school, and their relationships.

Learning with LEGO bricks

Do you remember the first time you played with LEGOs as a kid? It’s hard to forget the feeling of having unlimited possibilities at your fingertips. As a parent, you’re eager to nurture your children’s creativity, and playtime provides the best place to do this. Research also shows that engaging in block play can improve physical development and stimulate the child’s imagination and cognitive skills while providing opportunities to interact and work together with others. Therefore, it is important to choose quality toys for group construction play that are age-appropriate and promote STEM education.

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